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#1154 Cannot open bib file in JabRef2.10b

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Felix Wilke

few hours ago I wanted to try JabRef 2.10b. But i couldn't open one of my bib files.

An Error Message occurs after opening:
"Fehler beim Öffnen der Datei xy.bib"
String index out of range: 1

  • I was able to copy all entries in 2.9 to a new file and save this file in 2.9. the new file opens in 2.10b without any problem.

This Error is probably caused by the Strings in the attachment of my Bib file.
I actually dont use these strings, so for me this bug is not relevant, but it could be a problem if someone else cant open an old bib file.

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  • Oliver Kopp

    Oliver Kopp - 2013-05-27

    Could you send me the file in a private message? I assume it has to do something with the new @String mechanisms employed in JabRef

  • Oliver Kopp

    Oliver Kopp - 2013-05-27
    • assigned_to: Oliver Kopp
  • Dominik Brands

    Dominik Brands - 2014-09-08

    I receive the same error. I found, that it depends on the length of the defined strings. A string length of one character seems to be produce an error.
    I also report this bug under


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