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JabberTools 0.5.0 released!

This release is the first public release of the JabberTools tool suite for Jabber end users and developers. Its tools aid in converting to and using Jabber.

The Importer supports the following list files:
* AOL IM (Windows and Linux)
* Gaim
* Gabber exported XML roster
* ICQ99b/2000 (Windows)
* Gerry's ICQ (Mac)
* mICQ
* Licq
* GnomeICU

The Account Manager supports:
* Create new accounts
* Remove your account
* Change your password... read more

Posted by Mike Szczerban 2002-01-21

Account Manager work started

Work on the JabberTools Account Manager has started, and now supports remving accounts, creating new accounts, and changing your password on an account (all commandline for now). Check out the latest CVS for these stable features.

Posted by Mike Szczerban 2001-12-02

Importer 0.8.0 Released

The JabberTools Importer version 0.8.0 has been released as of 3 June 2001. This new version includes new web based and command line support for Windows ICQ 2000b and 99b configurations in addition to existing stable support for AOL Instant Messenger lists, Gaim lists, micq lists, and Licq contact directories.

Posted by Mike Szczerban 2001-06-05

Importer 0.6.0 released

The JabberTools Importer v0.6.0 has been released, with stable command-line and web-based importing of AIM, Gaim, GnomeICU, micq, and licq contact lists. Download it: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=20248&release_id=35297

Posted by Mike Szczerban 2001-05-17

Licq importing is stable

In the latest cvs and releases (if i ever get around to making a "release" per se) of JabberTools importer, on the command line, one may import Licq contacts into one's roster.

There are, however, significant UI and code difficulties that have to be surpassed if a web version of the Licq importer is to be made.

Posted by Mike Szczerban 2001-04-04

Test out JabberTools importers on the web!

You can now test out a rather stable web based implementation of the JabberTools importing scripts over at http://www.jabbertools.org . Please send any comments and ignore the ugly Net::Jabber output.

Posted by Mike Szczerban 2001-03-25

Many updates

So far, we have list importers working on the command line for AIM, Gaim, mICQ and GnomeICU. Same things work with an all-inclusive web script.

Work has been started on a Gtk-Perl gui frontend to the all-inclusive importing script.

Suggestions, help, and bug reports are always more than welcome.

See the web script in use at http://www.jabbertools.org

Posted by Mike Szczerban 2001-03-16