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1.7 Beta 1 released

Use docJGenerator 0.28 for the wiki
Add a target to generate the wiki for integrating in sourceforge
Add JavaFX binding properties to set the background or the border or Regions
Change the hexadecimal ID of the "strokeWidth" property in the Server properties bindings from 0XB00 to 0xB000
Fix the Server in JavaFX not taking into account AutoFocusMotion when the next Focused widget ID is 0
Protect the screen resolution computing in JavaFX from some cases when rogue Tablets erroneously return a 0 value for the screen density
Fix the Numeric formatting in some cases for negative values which are between -1 and 0
Avoid updates for the FrameX and FrameY attribute for the ScrollPanel widget in JavaFX during the user interaction to avoid twitchy behavior of the widget during interactions
FIx the Editor not updating correctly hexadecimal values entered by the user for values which can be Parameter IDs or ushort values
UACDSPlugin: Fix the UACDS Plugin not proposing to add named parameters to widget events in the Widget event dialog (ARINC ID parameters were already correctly handled)
UACDSPlugin: Fix the warning which would appear if trying to open an UACDS Interface XML file using a SetParameter referring to an ARINC message which is not a runtime parameter ( for example A661_SIZE_XY or A661_MINMAX_VALUES)
UACDSPlugin: allow to add a SetParameter referring to an ARINC message which is not a runtime parameter in the UACDS Editor
UACDSPlugin: Fix the output XML file having only one event if defining more than one event for one NotificationInterface
Editor Scripting: allow to set the value of enumerations as Strings rather than their values. For example, using "A661_LEFT" rather than ARINC661.A661_LEFT is allowed
Fix a regression in the Media Layer which was not working correctly anymore in the JavaFX SuperLayer
Avoid to try to convert Synth2 Look and Feel XML definitions if the current Look and Fel in the Editor is not Synth2
Make clear in the manifest MetaData that the LookModel Plugin depends on the EditorScripts Plugin
Allows to add a description in the Synth2 XML Loook and Feel specification for components StyleSets
Avoid potential problems when changing the Look and Feel in the Editor from a JavaFX to a Swing Look and Feel
Fix some potential problems when returning the Swing Look and Feel ID
Fix potential problems when changing the Swing Look and Feel type to Synth2 with the update of the UIDefaults
Fix a regression when converting the synth2 Look and Feel specification to a Look Model in the Look Model Plugin
Use JFXConverter 0.18
Use the POI Library 3.15
Add the commons codec for the POI Library to allow to use some pictures generation for Excel documents
Support GradientPaint for the Snapshot to PowerPoint converter for drawings (the color will be the brightest of the two colors).. Note it was already supported for fillings
Fix the clipping of some horizontal or vertical lines in the Snapshot to PowerPoint converter which was incorrect
Fix the formatting for NumericReadout widgets for patterns like ###.# when the input value has values like 345.96
Fix the formatting for NumericReadout widgets when the input value is greater than the range
Fix the size of widgets snapshots in Swing
Return a boolean value when saving widget or Layers snapshots in the Editor Scripting Plugin indicating if the save worked
Add XLSX as a possible output file format in the Editor Scripting Plugin
Look Model Plugin: Allow to only add widgets which components are explicitly defined in the Synth2 file for in the Look Definition resulting file for the synth2 to Look Definition action
Editor Scripts: Allow to create a Layer with a specified width and height
Editor Scripts : Allow to specify the format of the saved images for widgets or Layers. Return a boolean indicating if the saving succeeded
Fix some cases where saving a widget as an image in the Editor in Swing would create an incorrect image
Use MDIFramework 0.7.13
Fix the ActiveArea and FocusLink widgets NextFocusedWidget parameters not being runtime
Use MDIUtilities 0.9.2
Fix cases where going to the NextFocusedWidget won't work if the widget where the focus should go is in another Display (this could be the case with a FocusLInk widget)
Fix the conversion of some region backgrounds in PowerPoint in the Image Plugin which would not create any Shape in PowerPoint for some complex Shapes when they were clipped (for example: clipped RoundRectangles)
Fix the parsing of binary Definition Files in the Editor where each widget was added twice to its container
Fix the formatting of decimal values with a Pattern like "##.###,###" in the NumericReadout widget
Protect the saving of snapshots in the Editor for widgets for which the image would be null
Add a method in the EditorScripts to perform a refresh of a Definition File
Add several methods in the Client API to return the parsed layers when parsing binary or XML Definition Files
Force closing the Definition Files when using the closeDefinitionFile() method in the EditorScriptHelper
Allow to specify in the graphics configuration file the physical path for fonts without setting the fontIndex for these fonts. This allows to use these physical fonts in the JavaFX CSS files or the synth2 file (if they are not installed on the platform) without having to set an index for them
Add an Editor script which generates in an Excel file the list of all the specified StyleSets for each widget in Swing or in JavaFX, with an example of the associated graphics
Add a "eventQueue.showSkippedEvents" property to log a warning if the size of the event queue has been filled only if this property is set to true

Posted by Hervé Girod 2016-10-28

J661 Client 1.6 version working on java 7 released

A version of the 1.6 Client working on Java 7 has just been released. Please note that this release only contains a (fully working) Client, but no Server and no Editor

Posted by Hervé Girod 2016-10-01

1.6 released

Use docJGenerator 0.20 to generate the wiki
Use MDIUtilities 0.9
Fix some cases when a NPE was thrown when trying the get the UI Properties of a widget in the Editor
Improve the management of the rootWindows and rootRenderers for layers (the maps were removed from the layers and put into the rendering bridges)
Fix some cases when rootWindows were positioned twice
Fix rhe activation order of the connectors in JavaFX
Remove a double-reference access for FocusLinks
Change the JavaFX implementation of the ActiveArea from a Rectangle to a Button
Fix cases where the Editor creates widgets with identical widget IDs when performing "GroupAs" several times on the same root
Fix a bug where the UACDS XML saved file would be incorrect in some cases when putting rhe same interfaces on different widget commands or notifications but on different graphical groups
Fix the TabbedPanelGroup widget always beginning to show the first tab at the beginning even if it is not the selected tab
Fix the TabbedPanelGroup widget always rendering all the tabs (even those which are not visible) at the beginning

Posted by Hervé Girod 2016-09-24

1.6 Beta 7 released

Fix the Server / Client or Editor allowed to parse an extension on a widget which do not allow this extension in a XML File
Add an Editor Scripting framework allowing to perform actions with a Meta-Definition in the Widget Definition Plugin
Fix cases where Design-Time only attributes for widgets would be shown as Design + runtime in the Editor
Add a mechanism to save an error Log in the user temporary directory with the associated StackTrace if encountering an unhandled exception in the Editor
Fix a bug when selecting the StyleSet property of a widget in the Editor, then selecting another propety (such as String), then selecting the StyleSet property again, in the case where the StyleSets of the widget names are specified in the Look and Feel, would set the value of the StyleSet as the other property
Use Groovy 2.4.7
Fix the MaskContainer moving its chidren widgets if its position is different from 0, 0 rather than moving only the Mask itself. A "server.maskBugUnfixed" flag has been added to allow Servers to get back to the old behavior if necessary. A script to fix the old Definition Files (adding a parent BasicContainer in these cases) is provided
Fix the Editor allowing to add ARINC 661 extensions for widgets even if extensions are set to be unsupported
Fix the Editor allowing to add a Symbol Table even if the SDL is set to be unsupported
Editor Scripts : Add methods in the Editor Scripts helper to perform a cut and paste of a list of widgets under a container, or before / after a widget
Look Model : Fix the Map of widgets StyleSets being empty when using the LookModelUtilities class in Swing
Fix the parsing of Clipping paths in Swing not showing any exception on some incorrect paths
Fix the parsing of FocusLink widgets in XML or binary Definition Files showing an incorrect exception for the destination FocusLink widget
Editor Scripts : Fix the FontMetrics computing throwing a NPE in the Editor Helper in Swing
Improve the Editor Script creating a list of XML Definition Files for each widget with all StyleSets specified in CSS (for javaFX) or Synth2 (for Swing)
Protect in Swing the Renderer bridge from NPEs which could happen (mostly in Plugins and Scripts generating widgets) when updating a widget StyleSet
Editor Scripts : allow to see the line of the exception in the Groovy code when the exception is produced in the called Java code from groovy
Editor Scripts : improve the log of errors when a setParameter for a widget is pointing on a non existant parameter ID or name in the groovy code
Protect the Swing implementation from cases where the Synth2 Look and Feel would be used but the synth2 jar File would not be available in the ClassPath (in the case of an incorrect deployment)
Fix the Debug Plugin not configured correctly (and therefore not working) when debugging a JavaFX configuration
Fix the Debug Plugin not working with simple text scenarios
Add a binding for the selected index property in the JavaFX implementation of the MutuallyExclusiveRenderer
Don't allow the white space character in C-forced names in the Editor or when parsing an XML DefinitionFile
Improve the control of C-forced names in the Editor or when parsing an XML DefinitionFile
Allow to use a named color rather then the RGB coordinates of the color for the "server.background" property
Modification of the ServerWidget code and some interactive widgets as well to always call the "postEvent" method of the widget rather than the Layer
Improve the Scripting documentation
Use MDIUtilities 0.8.9
Fix the impossibility to add a A661_NOT_USED MapItem in the Client API when using the MapItemListConstructor and the method using MapItems ARINC IDs
Fix a memory leak in the BufferOfItems if the ClearFlag flag is not set to true for buffers
Add a wiki sub-project for J661 (use docJGenerator 0.15 to generate the wiki)
Add the AutoFocusMotion property for JavaFX interactive renderers
Fix cases where the Focus sent by the UA in a custom message would be set on several Displays if each Display was handled by a separate Server
Allow any order in the top-level elements of the XML graphics configuration file
Support a gradient painter in the Swing synth2 Look And Feel for the stroke of ArcCircles
Add a Server property in the Editor settings to set directly the "server.maskBugUnfixed" property
Fixed the Editor settings property state allowing to have default names for widgets not honored by the Editor
Take into account the "HomeX", "HomeY", and "FrameX" / "FrameY" attributes in the ScrollPanel JavaFX implementation
Fix some graphics tests which did work on WIndows 7 but not on Windows 8.1 and 10. Now these tests work on both Windows version

Posted by Hervé Girod 2016-09-12

1.6 Beta 6 released

Add the MotionAllowed attribute for the MaskContainer widget for supplement 7
Support the "supp" attribute in the Meta-definition for the "pad" element
Editor Scripts : Support opening a Definition File, closing a Definition File, creating a Definition File, creating a Layer, saving a Definition File as XML or binary
Editor Scripts : Support asking the user for an existing Directory, or asking to create a Directory
Editor Scripts : fix the createUnder for a widget under a Layer which did not work
Look Model Plugin : add a script-friendly utility class to get the Map of StyleSets (for widgets) or ItemStyles (for mapItems)
Fix changing Layer names in the Editor which did not work
Add an Editor Script creating a list of XML Definition Files for each widget with all StyleSets specified in CSS (for javaFX) or Synth2 (for Swing)
Protect the XML serialization of Definition File in the Editor in the case where a Symbol ID refers to a not existing Symbol
Protect the JavaFX CSS StyleSet extractor in some cases of badly-defined CSS files
Editor Scripts : allow to apply a Script if no Definition File is opened in the Editor. In that case, only the start() method of the Script is applied
Fix only the A661_GESTURE_TAP gesture being saved in the array of gestures when saving an XML Definition File with a A6661_GESTURE_AREA widget
Support the A661_EVT_FRAME_POS_CHANGE event in the ScrollPanel widget in JavaFX
Editor Scripts : Add a method in the ScriptHelper to create a default Symbol
Editor Scripts : support creating or reading a directory in the PropertySetter
Add an icon in the Editor for the A661_SYMBOL_DEFN_SYMBOL_REF SymbolCommand
Fix an exception which was thrown in the Editor when creating a A661_SYMBOL_DEFN_TEXT SymbolCommand and selecting it in the tree
Fix an exception which was thrown in the Editor when creating a A661_SYMBOL_DEFN_SYMBOL_REF SymbolCommand and selecting it in the tree
Fix the default editor values for attributes not taken into account for SymbolCommand enumerations
Fix the GestureArea widget Drag event not working on the Swing implementation
Add a method in the Colors repository to get the first defined Color (or the default Color if it was explicitly defined)
Maps3D : Add a Jenkins target
Maps3D : Fix NPEs which could happen for badly placed Cameras
Maps3D : Allow to define the PRP at design-time
Define a touch / cursor area around the SymbolRotatedInteractive MapItem
Editor Scripts : allow to apply a Script when no Definition File is opened in the Editor
Editor Scripts : add methods in the ScriptHelper to get the Map of Colors, Fonts, Pictures, and Clippings
Protect the Editor against possible NPEs when removing ExtensionRenderers

Posted by Hervé Girod 2016-07-21

1.6 Beta 5 released

Implement the A661_MULTI_SELECTION_EXTENSION extension (supplement 6)
Allow to send arrays of uchars as event parameters
Look Model : Fix the Font table generated for the Look Model (when converting JavaFX CSS files to Look Definition) not using the names of the Fonts defined in the graphics configuration even if their size is identical when the Font sizes in the CSS file are defined in pixels
Fix adding or removing an extension on a widget in the Editor not updating the UI on the Tab showing that the Layer is modified
Fix a lot of System.out at the beginning of Unit Tests to always use the Pattern "Unit Test Class Name : Method name"
Fix some Layer renderer references not being removed when changing the Window Layout configuration
Add a "protocol.tcpAcceptIncompleteBuffers" property for TCP protocols allowing to recompose the input buffers which might have been received incompletely (it can be the case if the size of the input Buffer is greater than 65535, in that case for example the Windows or Linux infrastructure may split the buffer and sent the splitted parts to the Server)
Add the forgotten A661_EVT_TABBED_PANEL_CHANGE event in the TabbedPanelGroup widget
Fix the Logging level not taken into account (the Log level was always INFO)
Image Plugin: Fix some cases of possible NPEs when converting a JavaFX Node if the Node was clipped
Image Plugin : use jfxConverter library version 0.17
Image Plugin : support 3D Maps
Add a "server.antialiasedLabels" forcing antialiasing Labels in JavaFX (for some reason gray scale rendering is not used in JavaFX by default if Fonts are smaler than 80 px)
Improve the sending of multiple events in one Buffer for a Channel when the "compactOutputBuffers" property is used
Fix a case of a possible ConcurrentModificationException when sending a message by the Server
Fix several cases of memory leak for the Layer renderers when changing the cockpit configuration
Support sending Taps and double taps when using the Mouse rather than the touch screen in the A661_GESTURE_AREA widget
Fix the parsing of the eventID array in the A661_GESTURE_AREA widget in XML Definition File
Fix the saving of the eventID array in the A661_GESTURE_AREA widget as an XML Definition File
Add a generic parameter for the Graphic component type in the GraphicFactory interface
Fix some cases when the "wrong graphical framework" warning was returned for regular ClassCast exceptions in the Server
Support sending drag events when using the Mouse rather than the touch screen in the A661_GESTURE_AREA widget
Fix the Layers contained in a TabbedPanel through a Connector widget not always being refreshed when the user change the selected Tab in the tabbedPanelGroup widget

Posted by Hervé Girod 2016-07-11

1.6 Beta 4 released

Add supplement 7 in the list of available supplements to choose
Set the PosX and PosY attributes for the MaskContainer as runtime-modifiable as of supplement 7
Implement the Enabled mechanism in Swing containers (a disabled container disables its children). Note: It was already implemented for JavaFX
Separate clearly in the Client API the Layer context number set by the UA and the context number as returned by the CDS
Don't allow non-ASCII characters in XML Definition Files for SymbolCommand names, Layer names, and Widgets names (non-ASCII characters set by the user will be converted to ASCII)
UACDS Plugin : Fix the color of attributes in the Widgets tree not being set to blue for some attributes if there is more than one attribute linked to a UACDS interface for the same widget in the UACDS Interface definition
Fix the basic JavaFX Server launcher (without Windowing) not allowing to select a Definition File
Fix the GUI Client not handling correctly loading another Definition File after disconnecting
Fix the meta-definition for the A661_MAP_BOUNDARY widget
Add the MapItems ParkableSymbol and ParkableSymbolInteractive as of supplement 6
Support ulongarray attributes which are defined by a list of values in the widgets meta-definition
Fix the names of the children of a container after the first child not being instanciated in some cases when performing a copy and paste of the container in the Editor
Look Model : use the names and indexes of the colors in the graphics configuration when converting JavaFX CSS files to Look Definition for colors used in the CSS file which are defined in the graphics configuration
Look Model : use the names and indexes of the Fonts in the graphics configuration when converting JavaFX CSS files to Look Definition for colors used in the CSS file which are defined in the graphics configuration. Refer to the fonts indexes in Look Definition tables
Increase the length of the configuration URL attribute for the JFXSandbox widget
Maps3D: change the type of X and Z attributes attributes in 3D MapItems from fr32768 to float
Maps3D: change the type of distance and Z Camera attributes from fr32768 to float
Maps3D: improve move with camera elevation
Maps3D: add a property to be able to load terrain tiles
Fix the attributes which are only modifiable through messages containing multiple parameters being seen as not runtime in the Editor (example: "MinValue" and "MaxValue" in the EditBoxNumeric widget)
Don't take into account the Log level in DEBUG Logging
Add a framework to be able to cage the cursor in the focused widget
Support unnamed float event parameterts in output Server events
Set the activeArea to be focusable
Add a method in the WidgetDefPlugin ElementModel class to return true if the element has no Warning, excluding the hexadecimal ID range of this element
Fix the handling of the A661_INITIAL_FOCUS
Fix the removal of ARINC 661 extensions in the Editor not removing all references to the extensions
Add a method in the EditorScripts helper to remove an ARINC 661 extension on a widget
Fix the meta-definition of the A661_DATA_CONNECTOR widget
Fix the meta-definition of the A661_STATIC_PARAM_BUFFER_EXTENSION extension
Fix the parsing of Fonts sizes in the graphics configuration incorrectly considering the Font defined in Points units if the Font size is defined in ARINC units but the specified size is not an integer
Fix the order of the parameters declaration in the meta-definition of the A661_ANIMATION_GROUP widget
Fix the message A661_BOUNDARY_ARRAY for the widget A661_MAP_BOUNDARY
Add the MapItems SymbolRotatedParkable and SymbolTargetParkable (and their associated interactive MapItems) as of supplement 7

Posted by Hervé Girod 2016-06-21

1.6 Beta 3 released

Add specific documentation for the Client API
Fix the serialized UACDS Definition not containing Layer Requests created in the Editor
Fix the Layer Notifications not parsed when parsing the UACDS Definition
Fix the user properties defined by script never seen in a production environment
Fix the Scripts referencing Plugins not working anymore since 1.6 Beta 2 if using specific Objects managed in these Plugins
Look Model: Allow to specify separately the LookCapacities and LookDefinition for the CSS to Look Model conversion
Remove spurious warnings posted by the Server in some cases when updating MapItems which did not correspond to any problem
Implement the A661_DATA_CONNECTOR widget (supplement 6)
Allow optionnally to generate A661_DATA_CONNECTOR widgets rather than A661_CONNECTOR widget for layer references in Cockpit configuration files in the Cockpit Plugin
Add some classes forgotten in the Editor Script javadoc
Add a "checkFR180Range"property to allow to enforce the limitation of fr(180) angles in the [-180, 180[ degrees range. Servers (and Editors) with this property set will emit a warning if a fr(180) angle is outside these limits
Add a behavior in the SuperLayers Windows allowing to change the ZOrder of the Layer associated with a DataConnector with the lower short value of the first index of the A6661_APP_DATA property. The value 0 will not change the ZOrder, values greater than 0 will set the ZOrder at this value minus 1
Fix the focus not being correctly initialized on the text editor panel in the String properties text Editor in the Client and the Editor
Fix an exception which could happen when clicking on the index of an Array in the Client if the size of the array was 1
Fix the background image size not being updated in th Editor in JavaFX if zooming the Layer
Fix the positioning of DecoratedLabels and DecoratedButtons In JavaFX if they were right aligned and the size of the text was greater than its box
Add two functions in the EditorScript helper to see if a widget has a property with a specified ID or name
Fix the group action in the Editor setting an incorrect position of the grouping container in the graphic window (the ARINC position was correct)
Use MDIFramework 0.7.11
Add a specific Plugins Toolbar if at least one Plugin has Toolbar buttons
Add a "shrink" action in the UIProperties Plugin (accessible through the Toolbar) which adapt the box around a text widget (SizeX and SizeY) to fit to the preferred size of the text
Fix the A661_KEYBOARD_AREA widget always accepting all KeyCodes, regardless of the A661_KEY_ARRAY array. It will however accept all KeyCodes if the A661_KEY_ARRAY array is empty
UACDS Plugin: fix the UACDS Interface Editor only allowing to edit interfaces for the first layer in a Definition File containing more than one Layer
Fix the Editor not allowing to Edit Definition Files with more than one Layer in JavaFX
UACDS Plugin: fix the editor not removing commands and notifications in the UACDS Interface tree GUI if there are were removed from the graphical tree GUI (note: they were correctly removed from the model itself)
UACDS Plugin: fix the new Layer requests not showing in the graphical tree GUI if added through the interface tree GUI (note: they were correctly added in the model)
UACDS Plugin: fix the new Layer notifications not showing in the graphical tree GUI if added through the interface tree GUI (note: they were correctly added in the model)
UACDS Plugin: fix the properties panel not always updated when navigating in the interface tree GUI for elements which did not hava any properties
Widget Definition Plugin: present the 3D MapItems in the output Word document for extensions which define 3D MapItems in their meta-definition
Widget Definition Plugin: present the Parameter Structures and Event Structures in the output Word document for extensions which define 3D new Parameter Structures or Event Structures in their meta-definition
Widget Definition Plugin: fix the SymbolCommands Keywords in the output Word document for the base meta-definition incorrectly presented if presenting the meta-definition for extensions only and the extensions did not define new SymbolCommands
Avoid to show an error in the console if using the Swing Look and Feel but the synth2.jar library is not available
Allow to force using the AWT API to get the screen resolution in JavaFX to be able to share positions in Unit tests results between Windows 7 or 8 and Windows 8.1 and later
Fix some broken Unit tests in the freeWindowing module

Posted by Hervé Girod 2016-06-04

1.6 Beta 2 released

Implement the FocusLink widget
Fix the drag and drop of widgets in the widgets tree in the Editor
Fix the modification of the symbolType of a Symbol MapItem (such as SymbolGeneric) making the MapItem not visible in JavaFX (the StyleSet of the MapItem was not set after the type change)
Give by default to a Layer the default size defined in the Editor (already used for creating new Layers) when opening in the Editor a binary Definition File (note: binary Definition Files have no size)
Fix the initialization of Layers being incorrectly done in the Editor when opening a binary Definition File
Perform only one repainting of the MapItems in a MapItemList when receiving a BufferOf MapItems rather than 2
Further fixes for the parsing of svg paths in clippings in the Server
Implement the Enabled mechanism in JavaFX containers (a disabled container disables its children)
Reduce the amount of modifications for LineSegments in JavaFX when only the positions of segments are changed
Fix an exception which occured in the graphical Client when selecting an A661_VISIBLE_CHILD message for a MutuallyExclusiveContainer
Fix the inability to select a FontID in the graphical Client for Label widgets
Add a method in the EditorScripts helper to allow to create an extension on a widget
Fix the "runtimeType" attribute of widget attributes not generated when writing a Meta-definition in the widgets defininition Plugin
Emit a clear error rather than a cryptic exception if a widget has no renderer in the specified graphic framework in the Editor or the Server (for example, it can be the case if a widgets defined in an extension has only a JavaFX renderer but the associated Definition File is opened using the Swing framework)
Fix Little-Endian conversions for long or ulong values (note that ARINC 661 uses natively Big Endian, but J661 allows optionnaly to work in Little Endian)
Fix the center of rotation of SymbolRotated and SymbolTarget MapItems which was incorrect for Symbol Shapes which had an offset
Fix a ClassCastException which could be thrown in the Graphical Client when updating an Array of ushort
Fix a ClassCastException which could be thrown in the Server when updating an Array of ushort
Fix the Client not presenting a ComboBox to set the Symbol or the Picture or the Symbol when adding new indexes in arrays of pictures or arrays of Symbols
Allow as an option to send a BufferOfItem in the Client API as an array of bytes
Fix the double clic event not produced for the CursorEventExtension widget in JavaFX
Fix the formatting of values in NumericReadout and EditBoxNumeric widgets for patterns like "##.##-" (mask characters at the end of the fractional part)
Fix some exceptions which could happen in the graphical Client when editing arrays
Fix the ReplaceBy action in the Editor not keeping the children of replaced containers when they are replaced by other container types
Add a method in the Editor Script helper to perform a ReplaceBy action
Allow to add additional User Properties in the Editor properties panel with a Script
Don't emit a warning for each event received by the Server event queue which can not be processed by the Server, but each 10 seconds
Add a default JavaFX renderer for the A661_DIRECTIONAL_TABBING_EXTENSION extension
Allow to define bindings for JavaFX renderers for ReadableOnly properties
Move the BufferOfItems class in the arinc661.common.model.maps package
Add two methods in the EditorScript Plugin helper to compute the position of a widget relative to its parent Layer and its center
Add a dialog in the Editor to ask the user if he wants to overwrite the File if he perform "SaveAs" on an existing File
Fix the default number of Vertices for a A661_SYMBOL_DEFN_POLYLINE in the Editor (it was set as 2, but the associated array had 3 vertices)
Fix the Editor throwing an Exception when selecting a A661_SYMBOL widget if there was no Symbols defined in the Definition File
Implement a JavaFX renderer using the numeric Keypad for the A661_DIRECTIONAL_TABBING_EXTENSION extension. This renderer is not available except if using the "numPad" id as tag in the JavaFX rendererStyles XML file refered in the LookAndFeel XML file
Allow to make an extension renderer available only if its tag is selected in the JavaFX rendererStyles XML file refered in the LookAndFeel XML file (if no default renderer - without id tag - is defined for this extension)
Look Model: allow the TableEntry, Property, and StyleSet elements to be used as keys
Fix the StyleSet of A661_SYMBOL renderers being lost in JavaFX if changing the Symbol Reference or the Symbol Color
Fix a ClassCast exception which could happen in the Editor when creating a A661_SYMBOL_DEFN_POLYLINE or A661_SYMBOL_DEFN_TRIANGLE_STRIP or A661_SYMBOL_DEFN_TRIANGLE_FAN SymbolCommand in the Editor, and referencing the associated Symbol definition in a A661_SYMBOL widget (in the Editor)
Allow to begin the blinking pattern (used for MapItems or A661_BLINKING_CONTAINER) by a "not visible" part. This is done by adding an optional "startAsVisible" attribute for the blinking with a false value (default is true)
Allow to change at runtime the position and size of a Window in the SuperLayer by sending the relevant message to the associated A661_PANEL
Add a method in the Editor scripts Plugin to get the position of a widget relative to its Layer. It allows to compare the positions of widgets which might not be in the same container
Add two methods in the Editor scripts Plugin to get the Map of children and Map of parents of a widget
Look Model: add a scripting framework to convert one Look Definition to another (with different Look Capacities)

Posted by Hervé Girod 2016-05-20

1.6 Beta 1 released

Fix saving UTF8 XML Definition Files with double quotes in String values leading to invalid XML files
Support the A661_NOTE_CYCLIC_ACTIVATION notification in two modes: a Server notification after the Server has processed a Buffer sent by the UA (for all active Layers which have LayerBlocks in the Buffer), and a mode where the notification is sent cyclically for all active Layers (for example each second). An exemple for the configuration property is : "server.cyclicActivation=onProcessed;onCycle=1000" (here the two modes are mixed)
Move the ConnectionListener to the package
Add a method in the Client API to increment a Layer contextNumber
Protect the Editor against cases where widgets array attributes Editor default values are incompletely defined, which could lead to an Exception in some cases
Look Model: Allow to choose in the Look Modelling parser if the properties names syntax are checked
Look Model: Improve the JavaFX CSS to Look Model converter
Fix the A661_SLIDER JavaFX implementation not honoring the Orientation property
Fix a case of StackOverflow exception when using DecoratedLabels or DecoratedButtons and changing the StyleSet
Fix some wrong label alignment cases when using DecoratedLabels or DecoratedButtons if the widget box was smaller than the size of the text
Use jfxConverter 0.16
Fix the rotations angles in the PowerPoint and SVG conversions (in the Snapshot Plugin) which were often wrong
Look Model: Take into account the last Schema for the Look Model updated for supplement 6 of the ARINC 661 standard. Note that the targetNamespace has changed for supplement 6
Look Model: Support the parsing of default values (and default value references) for Look Capacities attributes (new for ARINC 661 supplement 6)
Look Model: Support exporting default values (and default value references) for Look Capacities attributes
Fix a regression in the Client which was not able to parse several Buffers coming from the Server anymore (only the first one was parsed)
Add a new "-fx-double-framed" CSS property in the DecoratedLabel and the DecoratedButton components to allow to set a double frame around the label or the button. The distance between the first and the second frame is set by the "-fx-doubleframe-gap" CSS property
Fix the StyleSet of the renderer of a pasted widget in JavaFX not being set to the StyleSet of its copied widget
Fix the StyleSet of renderers for a refreshed Layer not being correct after the refresh in JavaFX
Look Model: Fix the serializing of the LookCapacities not serializing components and widgets states in the Look Model Plugin
Look Model: Support the conversion from a J661 Look Model to a CSS Stylesheet. You are now able to convert to/from between CSS StyleSheets to Look Model
Generify the EditorScripts Plugin framework to be able to reuse its framework for any Script System (for other Plugins). This does not change the usage of Editor Scripts for users
Use MDIFramework 0.7.10
Look Model: allow enumeration literals to refer to constants of a basic type
Look Model: add a setting property to set if the LookCapacities parser should check for the existence of widgets in the Server
Fix some script samples which were incorrect
Look Model : add a scripting framework to convert a LookDefinition to another with a different LookCapacities
Look Model: fix the decoding of the parameters whose type refer to a Component StyleSet when parsing a LookDefinition
Fix the Maps3D ScaledInt encoding in the Client
Fix a possible NPE in the SymbolGeneric implementation in some use cases
Add the capability to set directly the MapItems in the ClientMapItemList in the Client API
Look Model : add a CSS StyleSheet checker. it checks a StyleSheet used in J661 (which may contain import statements), and it checks the syntax of the StyleSheet, the existence of the widgets used in the selectors, and the existence of the properties used for widget rules
Look Model : add the MapItems in the exported File for JavaFX components. MapItems are specified as widgets but with the added attribute "mapItem" in the XML File
Add a method in JavaFX MapItems to get the associated Node of the MapItem
Make the error panels more clipboard-friendly
Fix the impossibility to paste an element under a Container in the Editor
Add the descendant ID for the descendants in a Node if its has one (this is the ID used in the JavaFX CSS documentation for the structure of the each Node)
Fix some errors in using text in the DecoratedLabel and DecoratedButton components
Fix a possible incorrect ARINC units to DPI computation which could happen in certain cases on Windows 10 due to a current JDK bug
Specialize the XML type of SymbolTypes in MapItems to be "symbolType" rather than simply "short" values (note that the base type remains short, so it does not change anything for encoding and decoding, it only allows to detect that a property is a SymbolType reference)
Fix the Graphic configuration Schema not taking into account svgPaths (however they were still correctly parsed)
Fix the A661_LINE_SEGMENT and A661_LINE_ARC not modified in their JavaFX implementation if a Buffer is sent with an already existing A661_LINE_SEGMENT or A661_LINE_ARC but different coordinates

Posted by Hervé Girod 2016-05-02

1.5.1 released

Fix a Classloading problem which resulted in an exception thrown when starting the Server if the Snapshot Plugin was used. This exception did not prevent the Server to work but prevented to use the Snapshot Pluging with the Server
Fix the graphical Client throwing an Exception when trying to modify Picture references
Use jfxConverter 0.15

Posted by Hervé Girod 2016-04-13

1.5 released

Fix losing the extensions declared in the Editor Settings if using the Additional properties setting
Add the ability in the Editor Scripts to get the Plugins
Add the ability in the Editor Scripts to get the EditorExtensions
Fix some cases in the JavaFX graphic framework when refreshing a DecoratedLabel or DecoratedButton in the Editor would lead to a StackTraceException
Show a clear error in the Client if a BufferOverflow has occured
Fix the Editor Script error messages line number being wrong if fields declarations are specified in the user script
Add new Editor Script methods to create a FileWriter with a specified extension
UACDSInterface Plugin: Fix InterfaceGroups not correctly moved in the Editor
UACDSInterface Plugin: make the UACDSEditor available for the Editor Scripts
Fix the extensions parameters edition not working anymore in the Editor
UACDSInterface Plugin: Fix the dialog used to create a new GraphicalGroup erroneuously using the list of InterfaceGroup names rather than the list of existing GraphicalGroups to avoid to create a GraphicalGroup with an existing name
UACDSInterface Plugin: Fix the generated XML file having duplicated Commands or Notifications if more than one SetParameter or event is associated to one CommandInterface or NotificationInterface
UACDSInterface Plugin: Fix the GraphicalGroups never being really removed from the model when trying to delete them
UACDSInterface Plugin: fix some problems in some cases with the keys used for the parsing
UACDSInterface Plugin: take into account the UACDSInterface capacities, for the parsing, the editing and the saving of the UACDSInterface XML file
Add a Performance chart in the JavaFX Server to show the received buffers sizes. Add a detailed value to show the maximum received buffer size
Fix a bug where it was not possible in JavaFX to create a new Definition File and create 3 Layers in the newly created Definition File
Fix again Layers names which could be partially masked (overrun) in the Editor tree when changing them
UACDSInterface Plugin: fix the removal of GraphicalGroups not being performed completely
UACDSInterface Plugin: fix the removal of commands and notifications not being performed correctly
UACDSInterface Plugin: Allow the deletion of several elements of the UACDSInterface at once (multiselection)
Make the UIProperties Plugin Editor script-friendly
Fix the tabulation in the Editor Scripts not taken into account for links or colored messages
Fix the Editor not checking the Layers IDs when creating several Layers in the same Definition File
Fix a bug in the Server where setting a uchar value which was implemented by a short could lead to an Exception
Use POI library 3.14
Use Groovy 2.4.6
Fixed the value in the Editor Dialog still being changed after clicking on "Cancel" on String values in the Editor (the value in the DF was correctly unchanged in that case though)
Fix an exception which would occur when parsing DataScaling widgets if the Target ParameterID was written in hexadecimal rather than with the parameter ARINC ID
Fix an exception in the Editor which occurred when copy and pasting a widget by using CTRL-C / CTRL-V
Use JDependency 0.4
Re-implement the JavaFX to PPT conversion (should be much better)
Fix the Editor export not exporting the Polyline SymbolCommand definitions
Use MDIFramework 0.7.8
Use jfxConverter library 0.14
Fix exceptions which would happen in the Editor when ungrouping a Container which itself contained another container
Fix a bug where the widget renderer in the Graphical Window was not changed when applying a ReplaceBy in the Editor
Support URL, int, and boolean properties in extensions Manifest when these properties are set for Plugins. Note that the format for the key is <PluginID>-<Property Name="">, and in that case the setProperty(<Property Value="">) method will be called for the associated Plugin
Use MDIUtilities 0.8.8
Support ARINC 661 to SVG conversion in the Snapshot Plugin (ARINC 661 to PPT was already handled)
Fix undo which was not working anymore in the Editor
Fix DecoratedLabels and DecoratedButtons not being correctly centered when their text width is larger than their box
Fix ItemStyles not having an effect on 3D Items
Allow to use the Graphics Configuration colors in the MapItems UI XML configuration file in addition to colors and paints defined in the MapItems UI XML configuration file
When parsing several Definition Files at the same time in the Client, Server, or Editor, pop only one Error Panel for all Definition Files which have errors or warnings rather than one per each Definition File
Fix the ungroup method not showing correctly the tree in the Editor in some cases after the ungroup action
Add the ability to group Shapes in the PPT result of the PPT snapshot
Support in the Client for the reception of several Layer blocks in the same runtime Buffer

Posted by Hervé Girod 2016-04-12

1.5 Beta 5 released

Fix the EditBoxNumeric and Readout formatting for patterns like _._ if the numeric value for the integral part is 0
Fix the Editor overlay of full circles in JavaFX
Fix the filtering behavior of widgets in the Editor lost when applying a Refresh
Fix widgets or Layers names which could be partially masked (overrun) in the Editor tree when changing them
Fix the Width and Height of Layers being incorrect in some cases in the Editor in the resulting saved XML file if using the "server.layerSizeDensity" property in the Editor
Fix having an exception when parsing the Meta-Definition in the Server or Editor if a widget definition uses an attributes which does not exist (for example, defined in a supplement while the Meta-definition is parsed at a prior supplement version)
Fix the Scenario panel in Swing not enabling correctly the "Play" button after opening an existing Scenario
Fix the value of updated Layers percentages in the Server GuiTools panel not being correct (too small) if the "server.layersUpdateCap" is used
Show the Server exceptions in the Editor Logger Area
Protected the TabbedPanelGroup widget in the Server against cases where widgets other than TabPanels are put as children of this widget
Fix the line number of exceptions in the Editor Script being incorrect if there are some commented lines in the imports section of the Script
Show the exception class name rather than showing null in the Editor Script if the exception message is null
Avoid to schedule more than one update at the same time in the Server if the "server.layersUpdateCap" is used
Protect the Client API against cases where more than one Buffer could be sent at the same time (Thread pollution) if the "client.layersUpdateCap" property was used
Fix creating too much CommandInterfaces when parsing a UACDSInterface XML file
Fix saving too much CommandInterfaces and NotificationInterfaces when saving a UACDSInterface XML file
Fix UACDSInterface children GraphicalGroups of a GraphicalGroup not saved if the GraphicalGroup does not have any Notification
Fix the UACDSInterface Layer Requests not being correctly added when parsing an UACDSInterface XML file
Fix widget events and layer requests Nodes not created when parsing an UACDSInterface XML file
Fix some use cases where performing an undo after one parameter modification in the Editor would lead to an exception
Fix DecoratedLabels and DecoratedButtons having an overrun text replacement ("...") even if the -fx-text-overrun CSS specification is null, if the text is on more than one line
Fix EditBoxNumeric and NumericReadout alignment for patterns like_._ if the numeric value for the integral part is 0
Fix opening a scenario immediately playing the scenario even without clicking on the "Play" button
Fix the position of the DecoratedLabels and DecoratedButtons and their decorations in the Editor when opening a Definition File being sometimes being a little off (before applying a Refresh)
Present the X and Y positions of the widget or any of its constituting components in the UIProperties panel
Fix an exception which would occur when adding two SetParameters for the same CommandInterface on the same widget in the UACDSInterface editor
Fix adding the same command to all GraphicalGroups when parsing or modifying a UACDSInterface XML file
Fix an exception which occurred when removing a Layer in the Editor
Fix the impossibility to open or create an UACDSInterface on a Definition File which was just created in the Editor (before saving and reopening)
Fix the impossibility to change a Layer name just after having created the Layer in the Editor
Add an option in the UACDS Plugin to add the optional Layer name and Widget name in the serialized XML UACDSInterface file
Fix an exception which occured in the UACDSInterface Editor when remvoing a GraphicalGroup which contains Notifications
UACDSInterface: Allow to delete commands and notifications in GraphicalGroups
UACDSInterface: Allow to move commands and notifications from one GraphicalGroup to another
UACDSInterface: Allow to specify a widget by its name rather than only by its ID
UACDSInterface: Allow to remove the last GraphicalGroup, and in that case add an empty "default" GraphicalGroup, rather than preventing it to be removed
Add a preference in the Editor settings allowing to set the default width and height of Layers when creating Layers in the Editor
freeWindowing: fix some cases when parsing more than one "set" element in the "LayerSets" tree for the cockpit would only take into account the first "set" element

Posted by Hervé Girod 2016-03-10

freeWindowing 1.5 Beta 4 released

Add a new "server.freeWindowing.clearFlagSupported" boolean property for the freeWindowing extension which allows not to take into account the clearFlag property of BufferOfCockpitItems in the Server

Posted by Hervé Girod 2016-03-05

1.5 Beta 4 released

Fix a regression where it would not be possible anymore to modify and send a String parameter from the Client
Fix a regression where it was not possible anymore to change a widget type in the Editor
Fix a regression where the widget tree was not opening on the widget selected in the graphical view in the Editor
Support the CursorOver and CursorPosOverlay widgets sending events in JavaFX. Also support in JavaFX the fact that the CursorOver does not swallow events for the interactive widgets which might be under it
Fix the presentation and management of accelerations in the JavaFX Scenario options for values of acceleration smaller than 1
Add a "server.layersUpdateCap" property which allows to cap the Layers updates to a minimum value in ms between two updates. If several updates are received in less than this delay, the updates will be merged until this value is reached. Note that by default there is no update cap at all
Support the nextFocus management in interactive widgets
Support the new Supplement 6 A661_MAP_BOUNDARY widget (for the moment it does nothing)
Support the new Supplement 6 A661_MAPHORZ_VERTEXBUFFER widget (for the moment it does nothing)
Add the A661_FROM_VALUE_XY et A661_TO_VALUE_XY messages for widget AnimationTranslation and A661_FROM_SCALE_XY et A661_TO_SCALE_XY messages for widget AnimationScale as of the last state of Supplement 6 draft
Name the Operating System Windows associated to Displays in a SuperLayer cockpit even if the Displays are transparent
Add a "client.layersUpdateCap" property which allows to cap the Buffers sending in the Client API to a minimum value in ms between two send. If several Buffers are sent in less than this delay, the Buffers content will be merged until this value is reached. Note that by default there is no update cap at all
Add the "ascii_extended_mapping" attribute in the ARINC 661 Schema for the "charsetEncodingType" element, as of the last state of Supplement 6 draft
Add the ulongArray type for the widgets Meta-definition
Manage InterfaceGroups and GraphicalGroups in the UACDS Interface Plugin

Posted by Hervé Girod 2016-03-01

1.5 Beta 3 released

Add support for excluded regions in the XML Clippings format
Protect the message decoders from badly defined metadatas in the XML Meta-definition
Support the capability to customize the handling of Cursor events in the Windowing Manager
Fix the forced Screen Density in the XML Graphics configuration file not having an effect on the Fonts size
Fix the Menu to create a widget under a Layer in the Editor wrongly called "Create layer"
Fix the Checkbox allowing to show internal errors in the JavaFX Server logger being disabled by default
Avoid to show a warning in the Server logger if the Server receives an undefined Layer and the "allowUndefLayers" property is set to true in the configuration properties file
Allow to redefine the Layer notification and Requests IDs in an extension
Add the A661_COMPLETED and A661_ABORTED constants in the widgets meta-definition file
Allow to remove a message ID or an event ID in an extension
Support Symbols Editing in the Editor
Fix the modification of the PosY of a Line in JavaFX also modifying the PosY2 position
Allow to show the Server used memory in the Server Tools in JavaFX
Allow to specify a StyleSet range rather than isolated StyleSets in the component Styles XML file which specifies the StyleClasses of widgets sub-components in JavaFX
Fix a memory leak in the JavaFX MapItems implementation where StyleClasses where added in the StyleClasses list of Symbols when these MapItems were updated rather than changed
Fix a memory leak when changing the cockpitconfiguration in the freewindowing Window Manager
Fix the generation of the Components structure in JavaFX which might had more than one sub-component with the same ID for one widget
Allow to merge an existing Components structure file with the new one while keeping the user specific properties defined in the old file
Allow to generate the grayScale parameter for textures when generating Synth2 files from a LookDefinition File
Use MDIFramework 0.7.6
Allow to create a new UACDS Interface file from scratch in the Editor
Fix the UACDS Interface file generation in the Editor
UACDS: Fix the impossibility to add more than one runtime command in a commandInterface for a widget
UACDS : take into account the parameters compatibility when adding a new runtime command in a commandInterface for a widget
Fix the FocusRequest Layer request no working in the graphical Client
Support the FocusRequest Layer request in the JavaFX Server
Replace a few remaining DTDs by Schemas (I hope all)
Fix some cases where two close output events sent by the Server on the same Channel could pollute each other
UACDS : Allow to add a widget Event notification to a notificationInterface
UACDS : Allow to add a Layer notification to a notificationInterface
Fix a StackOverflow which coud happen in somecases while refreshing a Layer in the Editor, if this Layer contained DecoratedLabel or DecoratedButton components
Allow to specify the use of two types of ARINC 661 XML Definition Files schemas: a strict Schema which is the one specified in the ARINC 661 standard supplement 6, and another one which is more lenient (the default one), which has the previous check behavior used by J661

Posted by Hervé Girod 2016-02-22

1.5 Beta 1 released

Create a specific ant task to generate the Unit tests javadocs, including the tests utilities classes
Add two methods in the Editor Scripts helper to check if an extension or a Plugin has been loaded in the Editor
Clip the decoration (frame or cross) as well as the label itself when using -fx-clipped in the CSS properties of a DecoratedLabel or DecoratedButton
Fix the undo / redo Editor command when performing a cut and paste between two Layers when the target Layer already has a widget of the same ID of the cut widget
Support import and export the A661_STATIC_PARAM_BUFFER_EXTENSION extension in XML Definition Files
Support the runtime modification of the A661_STATIC_PARAM_BUFFER_EXTENSION extension
Add a new isRuntime() method in Layers stating if the Layer is ready for runtime messages or is still in the design-time phase
Fix the initial selection of the active TabbedPanel in a TabbedPanelGroup after a change of cockpit configuration
Change the SymbolCommand implementations with arrays of long properties to use Lists rather arrays of longs
Support (non WYSIWYG for the moment) SymbolCommand edition in the Editor
Add a "fontPosition" attribute for fonts definition in the Graphic Configuration file to specify how the text are positioned. The default is by the descender line, but it is now possible to position the text by the baseline. The two possible values for this attribute are "descent" and "baseline"
Add a new "-fx-baselineAligned" boolean CSS property for DecoratedLabels and DecoratedButtons to indicate that labels and buttons using this property should be aligned on the baseline rather than the default descender line
Fix the refresh on the Editor on a Layer not modifying theSymbol widgets after changing one of the Symbols in the Definition File
Correctly generate the tag for the widget Identification property name in the meta-definition export in the Widget Definition Plugin if one extensin modifies its value
Support custom Windowing Cursors in the SuperLayer
Implement the MapVertContainer and MapVertPanel widgets for supplement 6
Allow to convert Definition Files from a specified screen density extension to the standard for Layers Width and Height
Allow the Copy DeltaXY value in the Editor settings to be a negative value
Add the Nimbus Look and Feel to the supported Swing Look And Feels in the Server
Allow to specify the Font size in the Swing Synth2 configuration file in pixels or in 100th of millimeters rather than in points
Allow to align the labels on their baseline rather than their descender line in the Swing Synth2 configuration file
Fix the editor not copying the image resources for the Pictures Definition in the configuation directry when starting from scratch without pre-existing configuration
Fix the freeWindowing Client extension and Plugin not working correctly if the cockpit configuration contains LayerSets definitions
Take into account the last supplement 6 updates for AnimationRotation
Fix possible Threading polution on the Server event processing mechanism when many events are sent in very quick succession (such as many Layer notifications when changing a Cockpit configuration)
Fix the impossibility to get a renderers bounded properties if they are defined in an extension

Posted by Hervé Girod 2016-01-23

1.4 released

Allow to specify the Font size in the graphic configuration file in pixels or in 100th of millimeters rather than in points
Protect the StringWrapper class against cases where a StringWrapper is created using another one wrapping a null String
Fix changing the renderer of a widget by changing the StyleSet not removing the old renderer from the parent on JavaFX
Change the Output Processor in the Server to make sure that output messages are always sent in the correct order
Remove an EndFlag attribute which did not exist in the stadnard for the A661_SYMBOL_OVAL and A661_SYMBOL_OVAL_INTERACTIVE MapItems
Check the MapItems definition consistency in the WidgetsDefinition Plugin
Fix some NPE cases in the Editor when using the widgets filtering
Fix some cases where all widgets are not presented in the graphic window in the Editor when using the widgets filtering and selecting a Layer or the Definition File in the tree
Fix a case where an Opened Definition File is saved on another File than the opened one (or refreshed), and closing the tab and reopening the newly saved File will change the opened Definition File tab name in the Editor
Add a "reinitOnActivation" attribute for the Network XML configuration on the network Node to allow to send a A661_NOTE_REINIT_LAYER_DATA notification when receiving a A661_REQ_LAYER_ACTIVE event for a Layer.Note that by default if this attribute is not set in the XML file, and the "reinitOnConnection" attribute is set to true, it will be set to true for the Network
Fix a bug where it was possible for the Scenario Plugin to serialize a wrong Server output for the Server in the scenario writer (note that the serialization was correct for all inputs and for Client outputs)
Fix a case where the Server could send a A661_NOTE_REINIT_LAYER_DATA before the A661_REQ_LAYER_ACTIVE notification if the "tempoOnActivation"attribute for the Network in thr XML configuration was set
Fix the rounding of Layers width and height when saving a Definition File when using a specified screen density for the Layers Width and Heigh definition (rather than the default ARINC 661 100th of mm)
Fix some cases when changing the StyleSet of DecoratedLabel and DecoratedButton components would result in a wrong Color compared to the CSS definition of their associated widgets in JavaFX
Fix the ClassLoader usage in the JavaFX RendererPropertiesFactory which did not allow to set general properties for classes which were defined in J661 extensions
Fix the Right alignment of the DecoratedLabel and DecoratedButton JavaFX components
Add a new "-fx-clipped" boolean CSS properties for the DecoratedLabel and DecoratedButton JavaFX components to specify if these components are clipped in their box (default is false)
Fix the positioning of the DecoratedLabel and DecoratedButton JavaFX components when the height of their box is smaller than the height of their String in their Font
FIx the filtering of the value sent by the UA for the EditBoxNumeric widget when the Cyclic property is set to true. Now the value is correctly truncated to the maximum (or minimum) value of the widget if the inut is greater to the maximum (or smaller to the minimum)
Fix the positioning of the numeric value in the EditBoxNumeric widget incorrectly still taking into account the Legend Size if the Legend is removed
Use POI library 3.13
Fix a NPE which could appear after changing the AppliID of a Definition File in the Editor and selecting a Layer Node in the widgets tree
Allow to remove the SymbolCommands and ARINC 661 extensions from an XML full meta-definition export if the extensions are specified as XML meta-definition files
Add a forgottenPad at the end of the A661_ANIMATION_TRANSLATION, A661_ANIMATION_ROTATION, A661_ANIMATION_ONPARAM, and A661_ANIMATION_GROUP widgets
Add a forgottenPad in the A661_GESTURE_AREA widget
Allow to edit the BufferStructure parameter in the Editor (used in the A661_BUFFER_FORMAT widget)
Add a new "server.evtProcessorYield" Channel property which is configurable in the Network configuration to set a minimum delay in ms between two ouput messages sent by the Server to the Client
Add a new "compactOutputBuffers" configuration property to allow to send all the output messages for Layers which are defined in the same Channel in the same output Buffer. For example it can avoid to send many Buffers for each A661_NOTE_LAYER_IS_ACTIVE and A661_NOTE_LAYER_IS_INACTIVE notifications from the Server if the cockpit configuration changes (only one Buffer for each Channel rather than one Buffer for each notification)
Present the version of the Meta-definition used by the Editor in the Help dialog
Modifiy the ARINC 661 Schema to comply with the supplement 6 specification. Note that previous XML Definition Files will still be valid
Add the A661_STATIC_PARAM_BUFFER_EXTENSION extension in the Meta-definition (added for supplement 6). This extension is still not managed completely by the Server and Editor
Fix the computation of the line number of the error in Editor Scripts when the script contains import statements
Add the widget reference in the logger when applying an Editor Script if the execution of the Script leads to a runtime error
Fix an exception in the Editor Scripts if trying to apply a setParameter on a uchar parameter while providing a boolean value to the function
Fix some cases in the Editor when pasting a widget in another Layer from the Layer from which the cut originates would lead to an internal NPE
Allow to set the specified screen density for the Layers Width and Heigh definition in pixels in the configuration properties with the "server.layerSizeDensity" property. This will only be taken into account if one extension already set this property
Allow to use a configuration property file for additional properties in the Editor settings (for properties which are not options that can be set in the settings)

Posted by Hervé Girod 2015-12-10

1.4 Beta 12 released

Use the indy version of the groovy 2.4.5 library, and enable the invokeDynamic behavior of the library. This version improve the performance of the groovy scripts used in the Editor Scripting Plugin, the Debug Plugin, and the Client Script Plugin
Allow to use the Little Endian mode only on runtime and keep using the Big Endian mode in design-time (parsing of binary Definition Files). Note that by default, and according to the ARINC 661 standard, the Server and Client are working in Big Endian
Add a "Refresh" option for each Definition File opened in the Editor
Use a Netbeans >= 8.1 project by default
Fix the disappearance of the Label String in the ARINC Definition after grouping a Label widget in a Container in the Editor
Fix the Editor overlay for the first selection of some widgets being too wide
Fix the Client API sending an incorrect SetParameter for widget parameters which are not padded in the design-time definition (for example for the first String of the ToggleButton)
Fix the positioning of widgets under a Container after ungrouping in the Editor
Allow to use several SetParameters in the command element in the EmbedClient or the UACDS Plugin for the UACDS Interface file
Specify the level of type checking for the UACDS Interface Plugin. It can check if two different SetParameters using the same commandInterface have the exact same ARINC 661 type (for example two uchars), or the same J661 detailed type (for example two colors), or not check the types consistency at all
Allow to open and edit the UACDS Interface specification in the Editor (in the UACDS Interface Plugin). Note that for the moment the interface groups and graphical groups are not taken into account
Allow to set the padding of widgets using texts (in Swing or JavaFX) in the graphics configuration file. This padding will be used unless the Look And Feel specification overrides it

Posted by Hervé Girod 2015-11-11

1.4 Beta 11 released

Fix the decorations alignments (frame, cross, double cross) in the DecoratedLabel and DecoratedButton components
Set the default values for the "-fr-crossed", "-fr-double-crossed", and "-fx-framed" CSS properties for the DecoratedLabel and DecoratedButton components as false rather than true
Fix the LegendRemoved attribute for the EditBoxNumeric widget not taken into account
Fix some wrong formatting use cases in the EditBoxNumeric and NumericReadout widgets
Use version 0.8.5 of MDIUtilities
Fix the Editor XML exporter always serializing Clippings and Blinking references as numeric IDs even if the exporter configuration ask to save references as names
Fix some cases where the layerSets definition Pattern in the Network configuration file were not validated correctly by the Network configuration Schema (the files were correct but the Schema saw them incorrectly as invalid)
Add a "server.bothVisibleActiveBehavior" Server configuration property allowing the Server to ignore A661_REQ_LAYER_ACTIVE and A661_REQ_LAYER_VISIBLE requests if both received in the same Buffer for a Layer (if the value of the property is "forget"), or even send a A661_ERR_UA_REQUEST_ABORTED exception (if the value of the property is "error")
Allow to force the value of a widget attribute in the Editor XML Definition File converter (using conversion rules)
Ensure that a converted Definition File (using conversion rules) will not change when saving it after having opened it
Support the ARINC 661 standard UA CDS format for the Embedded Client XML configuration file
Support a simple usage of the Embedded Client using a default provider
Develop the css library in another J661 sub-project
Add an XML File parser in the EditorScript Plugin
Add a UACDS Plugin which allows to parse and check a UACDS Interface file in the Editor. An UACDS file can be parsed by right clicking on the tab of an opened Definition File in the Editor

Posted by Hervé Girod 2015-11-03

1.4 Beta 10 released

Add some Unit Tests for Server used memory in JavaFX
Edit Unit Tests tools to make the Unit tests work correctly with the latest JUnit version
Fix exceptions thrown in the Server in cases where a widget attribute is defined as an uchar, but the Server implementation of the attribute is an int or ushort
Implement the GestureArea widget (supplement 6)
Fix the handling of 3D Maps scaled parameters
Fix the conversion of Symbols to widgets for XML Definition Files conversion
Fix the Definition FIle name attribute being null when converting an XML Definition File
Log a parsing error if a boolean attribute in the XML Meta-definition has no associated values
Fix a potential NPE when using the SyntheticHelper in the Server
Correctly reset the Widget Identification tag and the Layer size configuration in the XML Definition Files parsing when changing the configuration (such as removing an extension)
Add several widgets and MapItems to the maps3D module

Posted by Hervé Girod 2015-10-17

1.4 Beta 9 released

Add a manifest property for the extensions declaring that the Layers Width and Height parameters specified in XML Definition Files are defined in pixels rather than in 100th of millimeters (as specified by the ARINC 661 standard). it is possible to use the current screen resolution for the actual Width and Heigh conversion or to define a specific screen density to perform this conversion. Note that this parameter is separated from the actual screen density used to rendeer the Definition Files on screen.This parameter will be used for both opening and saving XML Definition Files. The name of the property is "LayerSizeAsPixels". The "true" value specifies the use of the screen density for the parameter, a float value this specified value.
Add matching attributes in the conversion Rules files allowing to convert an XML Definition File using a specified screen density for the Layers Width and Heigh definition. These attributes are "layersSizeInPixels" and "layersSizeDensity".
Add a "powerOfTwo" attribute for widget attributes definitions in the widgets meta-definition (used for double arrays of elements), specifying that the size of these arrays must be computed for each pair of elements rather than for every element. The default value is true.
Fix an exception which could be thrown in the Editor in JavaFX in some cases when performing cut and paste actions
Add an Editor setting allowing to show for unsized containers the overall bounding box of the widgets children
Add an Editor toggle allowing to show only the currently selected widget in the Editor
Fix the selected Layer in the Editor being modified when converting it to another format (using the "Convert" option)
Add two new Unit Tests categories for tests which fail intermitently of constantly while the associated function does work correctly

Posted by Hervé Girod 2015-10-11

1.4 Beta 8 released

Allow a Window to have no Layer children in the SuperLayer Window Manager configuration
Allow to set no Layer as the default content of a "OneOf" Window in the SuperLayer Window Manager configuration
Fix a bug where only the first Layer in a "all" Window in the SuperLayer Window Manager configuration was presented
Add a new "server.autoActivated" property for the Server (with a default value of true) which allows to set that Layers are not activated at start (which should be the default behavior as of the ARINC 661 standard). This property can still be overriden in the Network configuration
Add alternate names for the blocking and unlimited protocol queue property, usable both in the Server or Client configuration file, and in the Network configuation XML file: "blocking" means that the queue is blocking (meaning that it does not store any buffers), and "unlimited" that the size of the stored buffer queue is not limited. The old way of defining this property still exist (1 for blocking, and -1 for unlimited)
Process sending the Server events to the UA in a background Thread to avoid slowing the UI Thread in the case of sending many events (such as Slider or CursorOver events) through a slow network. The process is configurable through the Server configuration properties
Allow to change the Widget identification property name in XML Definition Files in extensions. This can be done by setting the "defaultID" attribute value in the extensions Meta-Definition
Fix the AxisRatio and Orientation number of bits encoding and decoding on the A61_SYMBOL_RECTANGLE MapItem. More genrally, fix encoding and decoding in cases where the type default size is different from the attribute size
Fix the cells of arrayprops not being kept when converting to another XML Definition File using a Conversion Rules configuration file
Add a "server.optimizeMapUpdates" boolean property in the properties configuration file to allow to optimize the update of MapItems Buffers by not updating a MapItem if its properties values are identical to their current values in the Server
Fix JavaFX widget renderers extending the DecoratedLabel and DecoratedButton components having their StyleSet not properly initialized when shown or created in the Editor
Emit a "clean" SAX parser error rather than throw a Java exception if some widgets do not have the correct ID Tag in an XML Definition File
Fix the arrayprop size not being checked when parsing an XML Definition File
Fix an exception which was thrown when parsing an XML Definition File with a A661_GP_POLYLINE using an arrayprop with "entry" elements rather than "xyentry" elements
Allow to set separately in CSS the color of the cross and the frame in the JavaFX DecoratedButton and DecoratedLabel components. The properties are named "-fr-cross-color" and "-fx-frame-color"
Fix alignment inconsistencies in the JavaFX DecoratedButton and DecoratedLabel components
Send a A661_EVT_STRING_CHANGE event when typing numbers in the JavaFX EditBoxNumeric implementation
Fix the Editor overlay for the ArcCircle and ArcEllipse widgets in JavaFX

Posted by Hervé Girod 2015-10-04

1.4 Beta 7 released

The Extensions manifest properties are defined in an extensions rather than directly in the ExtensionManager class
Allow to define extensions Manifest properties specifically usable in a Plugin. The syntax for the property is <Plugin Name="">-<key>=<value> in the Manifest. The Plugin will receive the (key, value) pair through the setProperty(Object key, Object value) method
The WidgetDefinition Plugin has such a property called "metaDefinitionWriter" (the key in the Manifest will be WidgetDefPlugin-metaDefinitionWriter=<value>, with the value being the classPath of a custom MetaDefinitionWriter
Add a custom MetaDefinitionWriter in a new extension defined in the freeWindowing project, allowing to produce a full widgets Meta-Definition containing cockpit items
Fix the formatting for the EditBoxNumeric and NumericReadout widgets
Fix the text alignement for the EditBoxNumeric widget
Fix a regression while opening a Definition File with special extended ASCII characters
Fix the EditBoxNumeric, EditBoxNumericBCD, and EditBoxText widgets not sending the A661_EVT_STRING_CHANGE_ABORTED event
Fix the TOP and BOTTOM alignement in the Editor in the Swing implementation
Fix the alignements in the Editor in the JavaFX implementation
Add a function in the Editor Scripting framework to produce an XML File
Add the ability to show a graph of Server performance in the JavaFX Server console tools
(Tests only) Allow to look for a Buffer in a range of indexes in the buffers reception rather than only for one index
Move the getFrames() method from the SuperLayerWindowManager to the WindowManager
Support the alwaysOnTop property in the freeWindowing WindowManager

Posted by Hervé Girod 2015-09-12

1.4 Beta 6 released

Use JRE Java 8u60
Add two new manifest properties for J661 extensions: AllowA661Extensions to not support ARINC 661 extensions (if the value if false), and AllowA661SDL to not support ARINC 661 Symbol Definition Language (SDL) (if the value if false)
The CharacterSet, ProjectionScaledIntTypes, and Layer allowed children are not singletons anymore and are referenced directly by the ARINCDefinition
Avoid to throw a NPE if an inherited widget does not exist in the metadefinition
Add a WidgetDefinition Plugin action which allows to generate a full XML metadefinition using the base XML definition and several extensions. An option allows to retain only the attributes, values, messages, etc... which are used in the metadefinition
Allow to remove Projections definitions in the widgets MetaDefinition
Fix cases where adding a MapItemList under a MapSource widget in the Editor woud lead to an NPE
The CameraMode in the Map3D widget becomes DR rather than Runtime only
Fix a bug which prevented to use more than one Map3DItemList in a Map3DSource widget
Fix the parsing of the BCD and ucharArrays types
Fix the behavior of the EditBoxNumericBCD widget, especially in the JavaFX implementation
Use a Schema rather than a DTD for the Editor conversion paramerers configuration XML File
Fix the JavaFX implementation of the SymbolRectangle MapItem which did not take into account the rectangle Orientation
Adaptation of the ImagePlugin to take into account the shift to Java8u60
Fix the RootWindow of the JavaFX SuperLayer Display never being initialized, leading to some incorrect behaviors in some cases for RootWindowRenderers widgets (as for example the CursorOver or the PopupMenuButton widgets)
Add a new attribute in the "attr" specifiation in the XML widgets Meta-definition allowing to specify for the attribute a size different from the size defined for the attribute associated type. This is useful in a few cases in the standard, such as for example the SymbolRectangle MapItem orientation which is a fr(180) but is encoded on 16bits
Fix the size in bits of the Orientation attribute for the SymbolRectangle and SymbolOval MapItems (from 32 to 16)
Fix some alignment requirements which were too high for attributes which are arrays of boolean, char, or ushort in the WidgetDefinition checker
Modification of the A661_MAP_VERT, A661_MAP_VERT_SOURCE, and A661_MAP_VERT_ITEMLIST to A661_MAPVERT, A661_MAPVERT_SOURCE, and A661_MAPVERT_ITEMLIST, according to the ARINC 661 standard

Posted by Hervé Girod 2015-08-22

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