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V3.6--power to 3D

Well, Kinect integration didn't make it into version 3.6, but many stability and performance enhancements certainly did.

It's 3D drag-n-drop like you've never seen... check it out!

Posted by Ken Mc Neill 2011-07-27

Next step, Kinect integration...

The time has come to fully integrate sibling project JavaNect (Kinect motion capture) into J3DWorkbench. Check out the pre-release version of JavaNect here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/javanect/. Get involved!

Posted by Ken Mc Neill 2011-05-02

J3DWorkbench v3.5--slickest version ever!

J3DWorkbench, version 3.5 is here, including a new tutorial (Earth-moon orbits), and plenty of usability improvements. There has never been an easier or faster way to build 3D simulations and visualizations. Download and try...

Posted by Ken Mc Neill 2011-05-01

J3DWorkbench 3.1.0 released

Finally, the milestone 3.1.0 is ready for download--MacOS X version now tested and functional!

Posted by Ken Mc Neill 2010-06-17

J3DWorkbench 3.0.0

Great stability improvements, and a revamped Collada loader are among many other enhancements. Full builds are available now for all platforms. Source, new demo scenes, and library releases are forthcoming.

Posted by Ken Mc Neill 2009-12-15

J3DWorkbench 2.2.0

J3DWorkbench v2.2.0 is published! More stability & features, including a transparency interpolator and a node cloner for producing particle-like effects.

Posted by Ken Mc Neill 2009-10-19

Volume Rendering plugin

A volume rendering plugin for J3DWorkbench is now available for download. It uses the Marching Cubes algorithm to create 3D meshs from DICOM images.

Posted by Ken Mc Neill 2009-03-28

J3DWorkbench 2.1.0d

New builds for all platforms are available in the download section. These should fix problems on some platforms like Linux and MacOSX. Plugins for J3DWorkbench can now be dropped in to the application.

Please download and test!

Posted by Ken Mc Neill 2009-03-27

J3DWorkbench 2.0 released -- call for participation

Here we go again: another J3DWorkbench release, another call to Java3D users and 3D enthusiasts!

We have just released J3DWorkbench 2.0, a stable, powerful WYSIWYG (Java)3D scene & application builder for multiplatforms, using the Rich Client Platform (RCP) from Eclipse.

New features include:

Collision detection and avoidance (even inside convex, back faces)
API refactor-- now you can easily 'Webstart' saved scenes without Eclipse libraries (pure AWT/JFC)
Activate per-view frame-counter for performance tracking... read more

Posted by Ken Mc Neill 2008-11-21

Version 1.3.4 released!

Another milestone in stability and usability, v1.3.4 highlights easy-to-use procedural texture effects such as water, fire, smoke. Check out the release, and the demo files today.

Posted by Ken Mc Neill 2008-09-05

J3DWorkbench V1.3 released

V1.3 has been released, aligned with Java3D 1.5.2.

New Features

* Optimized, multi-pass Collision Detection & Avoidance
* Triggers for behaviors, lights, fogs: by mouse-pick & on collision Enhancements
* Stability improvements
* Fixed texture-based memory leak
* Noise texture animation frame buffer control
* Transform Lock

Posted by Ken Mc Neill 2008-07-17

Linux & MacOS builds fixed

The Linux and MacOS builds of J3DWorkbench v1.2 were repaired to fix a bad dependency declaration in the plugin jar manifest file.

Feedback is appreciated.

Posted by Ken Mc Neill 2008-06-02

J3DWorkbench 1.2 released

Version 1.2 is released with lots of usability & stability improvements.

New packaging includes Java3D 1.5.2 beta.

Check it out today.

Requires Java 1.5 or higher.

Posted by Ken Mc Neill 2008-04-27

J3DWorkbench finally hits v1.0.0

No, J3DWorkbench is not dead!

After 2 years of toil, version 1.0.0 of J3DWorkbench is now available for multi platforms. 'Gluing' together the very mature Java3D 1.5.2 (pre-release) with the Eclipse 3.3 RCP 'workbench', J3DWorkbench is an authoring tool and a development aid.

The project has also engendered some Java3D code spinoffs in the form of utilities and fixes--including many to the Java3D Scenegraph IO API for saving/loading Java3D scenes. This insures that this under-rated binary format can age more gracefully.... read more

Posted by Ken Mc Neill 2008-02-05

Beta3 is here, docs in progress

Beta3 fixes a few more bugs, notably when saving and restoring a universe.

Basic documentation is coming along.

Posted by Ken Mc Neill 2006-06-28

Beta2 now available

Beta2, including better stability and bug fixes, is now available. Until further notice, I will only release 2 versions on Linux, both GTK-based. Please contact me for other versions, and I will build for testing.

Posted by Ken Mc Neill 2006-06-20

Beta Release!

Version 0.9.9 has been released for many platforms. please download and test. Documentation is in the works...

Posted by Ken Mc Neill 2006-06-17

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