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midletui not work on a real device?

  • s2006

    s2006 - 2006-01-11

    1.MIDP2.0 and CLDC1.1.
    2. sub class of j2meunit.midletui.TestRunner with the standard method:
    protected void startApp()
        start(new String[] { "j2meunit.examples.TestAll" });
    3. Works fine in WTK emulator.
    4.Create a obfuscated package, download to Motorola device-i860. run and get error: "unhandle exception".

    Appreciate if anyone can provide me a solution.

    • Elmar Sonnenschein

      In principle it works on real devices. You should first try to find out what kind of exception that is (e.g. by using an original Motorola emulator). Also, try to not obfuscate the package because that may have side effects too.

      BTW, some Motorola devices are notorious for having problems in their Java implementation and for providing only few memory to MIDlets. So maybe try a device from another manufacturer.

    • J. Petranek

      J. Petranek - 2008-03-25


      I know, I'm already late in this discussion, but I get the same behaviour on a Nokia 6630. Emulator works fine, but when I run the obfuscated package on the mobile, it simply crashes.

      The solution is pretty simple, at least with this device: Do not obfuscate, then the test work fine.

      Can anyone confirm this behaviour? Obuscation with ProGuard seems to create problems here, even with the -dontobfuscate option.


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