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iXedit XML Editor Beta 3 Released

Version contains fixes of reported bugs and several new features like opening files from command line parameter, renaming of multiple elements and attributes.

Posted by Pavel Vrecion 2006-09-05

iXedit XML Editor Beta 2 Released

Several major and many minor bugs as been fixed.
Some new features has been added, like check if new version is available on the net.

Posted by Pavel Vrecion 2006-01-09

iXedit Beta 1 released

iXedit Beta 1 Released!
First beta version of XML editor with auto completion based on DTD or XSL transformations has been released. New features include integrated lightweight HTTP server and Pascal script for dynamic xml authoring. XML can be now created dynamically from sources like LDAP or databases.

Posted by Pavel Vrecion 2005-10-26

iXedit released

iXedit reached alpha stage
The iXedit is XML/XSLT editor.
Its features includes auto completion based on DTD, xslt authoring and transformations. XML documents can be transformed to and from Excel. Integrated Pascal compatible scripting language enables XML transformations of other data sources like LDAP or RDBMS databases.

Posted by Pavel Vrecion 2005-06-21

iXEdit roadmap

There are first version of iXedit project homepage at http://ixedit.sourceforge.net.
Here you can find updated roadmap and alaso a new version of iXEdit win32 binaries.

Posted by Pavel Vrecion 2004-11-22

Pre-alpha version Release

Version of iXink XML Editor released. First of all this version is more stable. Now if dtd is attached to xml then it can be validated against it and/or used as template when typing (Ctrl+J). There are also some minor improvements.

Posted by Pavel Vrecion 2004-11-15

First Release

There is available first Alpha version of iXink XML editor for testing.
It enables XML editing. In this version is already implemented basic autocompletion features.

Posted by Pavel Vrecion 2004-11-09