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Posted by McoreD 2008-09-19

iTSfv BETA Released Abililty to organize music files according to a folder structure without having to Copy files [DrKnowLittle] Added title formatting support initially supporting $cut(tag,number) that can be used as $cut(%AlbumArtist%,1) in Options [DrKnowLittle] Customized Music Folder structure patterns were not added to Music Folder structure list for next launch

Posted by McoreD 2008-05-09

iTSfv 5.50 BETA Released

Improvements from last stable release include: Support for appending for prepending strings to Name, Album, Artist, AlbumArtist or Genre using Selected Tracks - Editor Fixed bug where %DiscCount% in patterns were returning %DiscNumber% values! Support for %Grouping% syntax for dealing with Box Sets Clipboard preview is now multiline compatible and supports preview of all the selected tracks Support for new line character "\n" to be used when copying Tag Information to clipboard. Do not use it for file names. Possibility of crashing iTSfv while capitalizing AlbumArtist tag in tracks in a Smart Playlist. This function is now limited only in playlists safe to perform the task. Convert embedded non-JPG Artwork (PNG or GIF) to JPG Format as part of validation. Results are logged to file. [Chris Daniels] Created blank iTunes metatags playlist if Check for metatags option and Save results as iTunes Playlists checkBoxes were checked Retry downloading iTunes Store artwork with "Compilation" as the artist tag if iTunes Store artwork was not retrievable with default tags [Jose Hidalgo] Retry downloading iTunes Store artwork for tracks with the first Artist that is seperated by "&" character [Jose Hidalgo] Fixed instabilities caused by catastrophic failures while exporting lyrics [kenny] Progress for writing TrackCount, DiscCount etc. is integrated into the progress of Validating Disc [NearlyGod] Tracks with low resolution artwork list was not sometimes written to XHTML report depending on the settings chosen [xanadu1979] Option to display number of seconds remaining count down was showing negative values [NearlyGod] Retry downloading iTunes Store artwork with "Various Artists" as the artist tag if iTunes Store artwork was not retrievable with default tags [Jose Hidalgo] iTunes Store artwork was not retrievable for Compilation Albums [Jose Hidalgo] Prevent crash while reading track metatags as part of Validating Library [Henk] Support for batch exporting iTunes Artwork from an alternate Music folder e.g. FLAC File formats handled by iTSfv are now customizable using Advanced - Formats tab Attempts to search artwork using Album Art Download XUI by clicking iTunes Store tracks, crashed iTSfv [Jose Hidalgo] Minor tweaks for more sensible Progress Bars and Job completion progress in Applicate Title [NearlyGod] Saving iTunes Store track artwork crashed iTSfv on new systems where Options were never configured [Rocket Man] Removed CustomPlaces from SaveFileDialog. Saving iTunes Store track artwork crashed iTSfv in some systems that did not have at least .NET Framewokr 2.0 SP1 installed [Rocket Man] Clipboard data in Selected Tracks can now be optionally sorted Option to automatically restore missing user.config from Settings folder is now disabled by default to prevent rare startup problems Status Bar messages and Progress are handled by a seperate background worker Manually search iTunes Music Store to save Artwork, using Tools > iTunes Artwork Grabber Save iTunes Artwork from selected track in iTunes Music Store Submit Bug Report did not work on instances where Submit Bug Report Dialog was not shown Statistics window is now sizable and maximizable Tracks in a disc are now validated in a reverse order to show a track count down in the secondary status bar Application now has two status bars to show seperated status for per disc tasks and per track tasks [NearlyGod] Fixed iTunes bug where Capitalization of AlbumArtist tag would detach the first track or the last track from the album [NearlyGod] Ability to move folders without any audio files, to Recycle Bin; these folders are indexed in Logs\folders-yyyyMM-no-audio.txt GUI Relocation in Options for better access. TabControl (Rating, Cleaning) in Options - Library is moved to OneTouch - Library Advanced tab in Main window is renamed to "OneTouch" and introduced OneTouch Options Folders with only one file will be indexed using TreeGUI as part of removing empty folders Ability to remove empty folders from Advanced - File System

Posted by McoreD 2008-03-22

iTSfv looking for developers

Some of you may be using iTunes as a way to manage to manage music.

iTSfv in a nutshell:

# Fill Track Count, Disc Number and Disc Count
# Fill AlbumArtist from Artist tag
# Add Artwork from explorer to tracks without embedded artwork
# Copy Folder.jpg to album folders
# Backup and restore play count and ratings
# Report albums with inconsecutive track numbers
# Report tracks with missing tags (Artwork, Track Number, Lyrics etc.)
# Capitalize each word of tag and rename file accordingly
# Add new tracks to library (manually or by automatically monitoring)
# Delete unreferenced tracks from library... read more

Posted by McoreD 2007-10-12

iTSfv 5.10 BETA Released with Export Tracks Support

New iTSfv 5.10 supports exporting selected tracks in iTunes with a given file name pattern to a folder specified.

Posted by McoreD 2007-09-16

iTSfv 5.07 Released

Changes from 5.2: Import artwork from any single file that exists in the music folder. Enabled by default. [Jose] Artwork will be converted to JPEG before saving if the embedded artwork was found to be in a different format Already existed Custom format artwork file was not overwritten if embedded artwork was found to be larger Removed a rare possibililty of validation while adjusting track ratings Application crash while removing multiple artwork from read-only tracks iTSfv will ask to report the bug via email on the event it crashes due to something unexpected [urlwolf] DiscCount was cleared if entire music library was validated more than once without restart iTSfv Automatically fill track number if not found while adding files to library using taglib-sharp.dll User preferences on what file to import as artwork, was ignored and checked Artwork.jpg first Revalidating library would crash iTSfv [bug got introduced after 5.02] Forcing AlbumArtist and Album will be done prior to adding the tracks to iTunes using taglib-sharp.dll Option to remove Multiple Artwork in tracks except for the first artwork Fixed missing link: Tracks without Artwork in Context Menu > Log Files Prevented possible crash while generating report if music files were in the root drive Prevented possible crash while loading if artwork dimensions xml file was corrupt iTSfv will not allow synchrocleaning if iTunes music folder path is not set to location of most of the tracks are [Jonnno] Ability to change Album Browser view without having to revalidate Disabled modifying Album Browser modes while adding tracks to Album Browser DiscCount was wrong for album names shared by different artists [ffs revalidation of entire iTunes music library is recommended] During validation of last 100 tracks, DiscCount will not be overwritten for incomplete albums iTMS Artwork can now be imported without the presence of artwork saved in the file system Crashed during loading tracks data if album tag was empty [Chris] iTSfv will replace any existing embedded artwork if it finds a higher resolution artwork in the album folder Ability to disable automatic creation of AlbumArtSmall.jpg, Folder.jpg and Artwork.jpg Tracks without Artwork will be logged to file; accessible via Context Menu > Log Files Tracks with Low resolution Log file will now be updated for Validate Selected Tracks Introduced Apply button in Options to save and load new file name patterns easier. Did not remember last selected Import/Export Artwork file name/pattern Fixed bug that kept incrementing DiscCount tag after each validation for same album [after] Fixed bug that ignored exporting Artwork to file names with patterns such as %Artist% - %Album%.jpg in Album Folder Fixed bug that ignored importing Artwork from file names with patterns such as %Artist% - %Album%.jpg in Album Folder Project home changed from WMWiki to SourceForge. Visit Revised algorithm to accurately detect and tag DiscCount for multi disc albums Google search artwork string did not contain AlbumArtist for mix albums that were not tagged as Compilations Tracks with low resolution artwork will be reported in the XHTML report Repetitive Check for Update would give false update notification in McoreSystem.dll Ability to log tracks with low resolution artwork. Dimensions are specified in Options [patashnik] GUI reconfiguration to support additional functionality Fixed bug where music folder that is a network folder could make FileSystemWatcher crash [x5nder] iTSfv will remove white spaces in Artist, Album and Name tags during validation Albums didn't show Disc Number if the Disc Count was absent Force update Artist Folder thumbnails in music folder (useful in Windows Vista) Added AlbumArtist statistics to Statistics window Ability to set Compilation tag before validating tracks Previous stats file will not be accidentally overwritten if the parsing iTunes library task was interrupted Manually checking updates did not prompt the Update status dialog box... read more

Posted by McoreD 2007-09-09

iTSfv moved from WMWiki to SourceForge

Posted by McoreD 2007-08-29

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