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ISValidator 0.0.11 release

A new version of ISValidator has been released, see the download page and the web to see the changes

Se ha liberado una nueva version de ISValidator, puede mirar el la pgina de descargas o en el web para ver los nuevos cambios

Posted by Ińigo Serrano Llona 2001-12-14

Added a developer list

One developer list has benn added to address the questions about develop with ISValidator

Se ha creado una lista de distribucin para canalizar los temas referentes al desarrollo de ISValidator

Posted by Ińigo Serrano Llona 2001-12-12

Add new contenet to the cvs repository

New conten has been adde to he repository. The XML docs that generates the web, (and the documentation) and a web application with one example of the uses of ISValidator in Struts

Se ha aadido nuevo contenido al repositorio cvs. bsicamente son los documentos XML que generan el web y la documentacin y una aplicacin web que muestra el uso de ISValidator dentro del Struts

Posted by Ińigo Serrano Llona 2001-12-10

Initial of ISValidator in SF

The ISValidator tema are pleased to beging the use of SF to help this proyect grow.

We are working to complet the move from the initial web ( to the SF web

Posted by Ińigo Serrano Llona 2001-12-05