#42 Istoll can't detect InnoSetup installation

v1.0 (example)

I have a portable InnoSetup installation (i make my own portable and unnatended installation of all software in my pc), and ISTool always says me can't found the installation of InnoSetup... I've tried to change the ini file of ISTool setting the directory but no way, I've tried what value and where is checking ISTool on the system to check if Innosetup exists, to reproduce that value... programmers walways forget that people can have portable installations of all software.


  • mario lopez moreno

    nobody will fix the problem?...

    The steps to reproduce the problem is easy:

    1. Pick a innosetup.exe portable, don't install innosetup (to create a innosetup portable just install inosetup in a VM and then copy the directory to the client PC, and you got the portable inno setup functional).

    2. Open IsTool

    3. Configure the path of innosetup in the IsTool options, select our innosetup.exe portable.

    4. Try to compile a script.

    When you try to compile, IsTool says that innosetup can't be found on the machine...

    Come one...

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  • mario lopez moreno



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