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ISP Programmer is not supported any more. Please buy USB programming cables at last and start using AVR Studio, avrdude etc. The source code is now abandonware and it will stay on Sourceforge for ages.

Posted by Adam Dybkowski 2012-02-21 version released

Change list:
* Add support for the serial Flash memories AT25F512/1024/2048/4096.
* Add support for ATtiny48/88.
* Fix I/O pins configuration handling in the setup window.

Posted by Adam Dybkowski 2011-10-21 version released

Change list:
* Add support for ATmega1284P.
* Convert Delphi 4.0 project into Lazarus.

Posted by Adam Dybkowski 2011-03-09 version released

Change list:
* Lower the minimum available MCU frequency to 1000Hz (was 32768Hz).
* Add support for command line parameters, executing automatically:
- erase last chosen device
- program Flash
- program EEPROM (optionally)
ispprog.exe flashdata.ext [eepromdata.ext]

Posted by Adam Dybkowski 2011-02-07