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iScroll2 0.32 released

A modified version of Apple's trackpad device driver that allows for two-finger scrolling on most Aluminum PowerBook and G4 iBook models introduced before 2005.

This fixes a bug in main() that causes the settings daemon to crash on load. Please do not use version 0.31!

Posted by Daniel Becker 2007-11-14

iScroll2 0.31 released

Just a minor bugfix release; starting with 0.30, it seems iScroll2 now fully works in Tiger and Leopard.

Posted by Daniel Becker 2007-11-14

iScroll2 0.29 released

I just uploaded a new version of iScroll2 that uses a different mechanism for starting up the user settings daemon. Please check if this fixes the problem of iScroll2 not working on Leopard.

Please note that this version requires Mac OS X 10.4.0 or higher.

Posted by Daniel Becker 2007-11-07

iScroll2 0.27 released

I have uploaded a new iScroll2 update. The new version has an update settings daemon, which should hopefully solve some of the problems with settings vanishing after sleep/wakeup and user switching.

Posted by Daniel Becker 2007-04-01

0.25e uploaded

By popular demand, I have uploaded version 0.25e.

Posted by Daniel Becker 2006-07-02

Mailing Lists

I just created mailing lists for iScroll2-related talk; this might be more convenient than the SourceForge web forums. There's -users for general discussion, and -devel for development topics. (Also, -announce is still around for release notifications.)

You can find the lists here:

Posted by Daniel Becker 2006-06-26

iScroll2 0.26 released

After a long while, I finally released a new iScroll2 version today.

Improvements for 0.26 are mainly in the settings daemon component. Settings are now reloaded whenever the driver is loaded; as a result, settings should now persist across sleep cycles.

Posted by Daniel Becker 2006-06-04

Project Status

As you might have noticed, it's been quite a while since the last update. This is a direct result from the fact that I graduated last summer, and have since become one of those with day jobs. Because of this, I've had far less time to continue work on this project than I'd like, and consequently, development has been rather slow.

To make things worse, my PowerBook rarely ever leaves the desk these days, and with an external keyboard and mouse sitting right next to it most of the time, the trackpad has suffered a bit in terms of importance.... read more

Posted by Daniel Becker 2006-06-04

Move to SourceForge

I just moved the main project homepage from its previous place on my former university's network to sourceforge.

Posted by Daniel Becker 2006-06-04

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