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Upgraded to Irrlicht 1.4

Upgraded to Irrlicht 1.4 in preperation for irrWizard release 1.4.

Release 1.4 still may take a little while as many features were added since the last release (many moons ago), that still need testing and documented.

Before Christmas this year I hope ...

Posted by Paul Rowland 2007-12-03

Scripting support added to CVS

Squirrel Scripting support has been added to the CVS.

This is the first stage which introduces the CGameScriptManager.

Various Managers have been exposed to the scripting system and a sample Squirrel script has been commited for reference.

More modifications will follow to further enhance functionality.

Posted by Paul Rowland 2007-03-08

IrrWizard 1.2 released

IrrWizard 1.2

Compatability with Irrlicht 1.2

Added a Quake style Console F2 show/hide
Add some simple console comands:
time (is broken in debug mode (VC++ Bug ¿?) (pls check with ohers compliers )
getOS -- get os name and version
driver --gets the current driver
Comands are case sensitive

Overloaded CGameFXManager::AddParticleEffect to add position parameter.

A Particle effect can now be added in one line of code instead of two, usefull when adding lots. ... read more

Posted by Paul Rowland 2007-01-21

Documentation now Wiki based

The documentation has now been converted to a Wiki.

Anyone is now permitted to change, add or modify any of the documentation, tutorials or articles.

This hopefully will enable the community to help each other out by submiting usefull articles and such.

If anyone has problems editing the pages with a ...'loss of session data' problem, the keep hitting 'alt s' until it saves.

Good luck

Posted by Paul Rowland 2006-09-16

UML Class diagram added

A UML class diagram of the whole project has been added. A link can be found on the front page.

A drop down box allows direct access to the class of interest, and by clicking on the UML class, more info/documentation will be displayed.

Posted by Paul Rowland 2006-08-29

IrrWizard 1.1 released

1.1 Compatability with Irrlicht 1.1

Modified shooting code to handle multiple enemies.
Added multiple enemies to Level 1

Added createWaterEffect function to GameGFXManager that allows
a 'cheap water' node to be added

Added createBumpMapNode function to GameGFXManager that allows
a bump mapped node to be added.

Changed explosion effect when shooting water
Moved createExplosion() function from GameWeaponManager to GameFXManager... read more

Posted by Paul Rowland 2006-08-09

Script Pre alfa

Hi two things
1 I not dead just damm busy
2 Script is going i a goood way
but is no alfa stable sooon ....

Posted by DarkChrono 2006-06-08

Nav Graph now loaded from XML file

Just a minor detail, the level NavGraph for A* pathfinding can now be loaded in from an external XML file.

If the file doesn't exist, then it will be loaded from the hard coded data as normal.

Classes of interest:

Usage from within game level Init():

// AI Navagation Graph, try xml first
if (!pManager->getPathManager()->loadNavGraph("media/navGraph.xml"))
loadPathMap(pManager); ... read more

Posted by Paul Rowland 2006-05-25

IrrWizard 1.0 released

1.0 Compatability with Irrlicht 1.0

Re-structured framework into the folowing folders, core, engine,
ai, sound, config and game.

Re-designed wizard to make development easier to integrate
and simpler to use.

config.xml support added, game options can be edited externaly
and read back in via xml at runtime.

Sound support added for both Audiere and FMOD. Configuarable
via the config.xml.

Game weapon manager added to allow the changing of animated weapons
using mouse wheel, similar to Quake etc .... read more

Posted by Paul Rowland 2006-05-02

New Sound Manager

In final testing and bug fixing is the new Sound Manager In final testing and bug fixing is the new Sound Manager now works with audiere and Fmod this is configurable using Config manager also will be medium changes in the implementations of this play method will be delete for playMusic(pathOfSound) or playSound
This will be done like this because will not loading songs in memory because performance. More details read more

Posted by DarkChrono 2006-03-23

New Config Manager

Hi up today is a brand new config manager for IrrWizard ( CVS only )
for more spec details see :
in the forum section of the proyect


Posted by DarkChrono 2006-03-21

New Developer Joins Team

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome aboard 'DarkChrono'.

This will give a big boost to the project, and I hope will enable future development of some pretty cool things to come.

Stay tuned..

Posted by Paul Rowland 2006-03-15

Plans for next release

The WeaponManager should be ready for next release, testing underway at present.

It includes it own State Machine which supports :


More states can easily be added.

Shooting code for each weapon, ie Pistol, Shotgun, Rocket Launcher can no be added to
each states Update() function, thus moving it from the GamePlayState at present.

This is more logical and sits better with the design.... read more

Posted by Paul Rowland 2006-02-02

IrrWizard 0.14.3 released

Added 'Sample FPS Template' option to wizard
- Added Persue and Evade States
- Added skybox
- Added Player death sequence
- Added Health, Ammo and Key pickups
Added basic Trigger system to framework
Created CGameItem and CGameItemManager as part of framework.

Posted by Paul Rowland 2006-01-12

Sample FPS template, demo available

The Next release of IrrWizard will contain a 'Sample First Person Shooter' template, a demo of the generated project can be found on the download page.

IrrWizard 0.14.3 to follow shortly.

Posted by Paul Rowland 2006-01-09