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IRC Defender 1.3.12 Released with ptlink6+bahamut1.8 support

This latest 1.3.12 release supports many new IRCds and fixes an exploit. Please upgrade as soon as convenient for your network.

Support added for ptlink6 ircd
Experimental support for bahamut 1.8
Added support for TOPIC processing
Fixes to fizzer module
SecureOper fixes for unreal (SVSO now used to remove privilages)

Posted by Craig Edwards 2004-11-25

IRC Defender 1.3.11 released with TR-IRCD support

IRC Defender 1.3.11 has been released today which amongst other things features support for the tr-ircd irc server software package. Listed below is a summary of changes in this version:

* Added TRIRCD module by whitewolf
* Added fixes for unreal secureoper module
* Added fixes
* Added fixes and optimisations to
* Numerous IRCu fixes

Posted by Craig Edwards 2004-08-15

IRC Defender 1.3.10 released

IRC Defender 1.3.10 was released today and boasts the following new features:

* Updated version module to optionally warn as a setting as well as G-Line (thanks homer)
* Updated killchan module to not G-Line opers
* Added support for main::isoper function to Link modules
* Fixed various bugs with 'status [modulename]' on control channel

IRC Defender is a program designed to combat IRC security problems such as flooding, spamming and virus drones.

Posted by Craig Edwards 2004-03-29

IRC Defender version 1.3.9 released

IRC Defender is a program which allows you to secure your IRC networks. Version 1.3.9 is now released with the following extra features:

* Many fixes to IRCu support
* Speed increases
* Fixes to crashes on rehash
* Improved scalability
* Added killchans module
* Added fyle2 module
* Added many small features
* Added support for rehashing from the control channel

...and so much more. Don't delay, download yours today!

Posted by Craig Edwards 2004-03-26

IRC Defender 1.3.8 with IRCu support released

IRC Defender is a perl program which allows you to prevent security risks to an IRC network by means of filtering and monitoring. The latest new version 1.3.8 has IRCu support and several major enhancements documented below:

* Added IRCu and beware support (use the P10 module)
* Added on-channel rehash command for servers that don't support remote rehash
* Structural changes to support tokenised/encoded ircds such as IRCu
* Speed improvements
* Improved layout of example config and documentation... read more

Posted by Craig Edwards 2004-03-14

IRC Defender version 1.3.7 released

IRC Defender 1.3.7 has now been released and contains several major enhancements, fixes and additions, listed below:

* Added support for Hybrid-7 ircds
* Fixed bug where defender would die on /rehash if a module was added
* Added re_notice module which lets you mutlicast a message to all users whos user@host matches a given regular expression
* Added fizzer module which klines/glines fizzer virus drones... read more

Posted by Craig Edwards 2004-03-13

IRC Defender 1.3.6 released!

IRC Defender 1.3.6 has been released today along with support for bahamut and ultimate ircds, a nickflood detection module, and proper module dependencies built into the system.

Posted by Craig Edwards 2004-03-10

IRCDefender 1.3.5 released!

Version 1.3.5 has been released, and now boasts the following extra features, and more!

Added flood module (detects flooding of channels with joins/parts)
Added message module (detects when users /msg the bot and auto replies to them)
Added ability for pseudoclient to come back if /killed
Added uptime counter to 'status'
Added commandline switches --help and --debug

Posted by Craig Edwards 2004-03-08

IRCDefender Version 1.3 released!

Version 1.3 of IRCDefender is now released, with stability fixes [not that it was ever unstable ;-)] extra modules (such as a secure-oper module which prevents malicious opering) and more documentation.

Posted by Craig Edwards 2004-03-07

Version 1.2 released!

Version 1.2 of IRC Defender has been released, now with extra fixes and documentation! You can download it here:

Posted by Craig Edwards 2004-02-29

Site live

The IRCDefender site is now live, and version 1.01 of the software is now available for download. Anyone wishing to test this software or produce modules should contact us via our forums.

Posted by Craig Edwards 2004-02-25

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