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New Release 0.9.2-9

This Version has undergone many changes from the 0.9.1 version.
To use the old service.cfg config files please use the -l/--legacy commandline switch.
To use keepalived.conf files use the command line switch -k/--keepalived commandline switch.
Please remember to set this switch also in /etc/init.d/ipvsmand.

This Version comes with great new features:
* New flexible config file format
* Reading of keepalived.conf files
* Toggle Realservers on and off using the 't' key.
* Sorry Servers may be checked for their availability
* Improved status Display
* Syntax parser for the topology.cfg lets you help finding typos
* generic tcp_check module sends Message to the TCP service and parses
the answer of the service using an configurable regular expression
* HTTP_GET and HTTPS_GET checking modules. Also with regular
expression checking of the downloaded website.... read more

Posted by Dr. Volker Jaenisch 2007-05-22

Release 0.9.2 ahead

The new release 0.9.2 comes with
enhanced functionality.
* New flexible topology config file with same
detail level as keepalived.conf
* Parser for keepalived config files
* Sorry-servers
* improved status display: If a realserver is in trouble the service indicates this.
* Plugins for http/https, dns, ping, and a generic
You are welcome to download the coming version 0.9.2 from the SVN.

Posted by Dr. Volker Jaenisch 2007-05-09

ipvsmand now working correctly

Due to the introduction of plugins for the livekeeping ipvsmand was broken.

The new release 0.9.1-6 fixes ipvsmand.

* Feature: AutoRefresh avaible by '-a' commandline switch
* Feature: Explizit Daemon restart on pressing 'r'.
* Feature: ipvsmand takes a realserver now under all circumstances out of the LB
if is has been suspended previously does not matter.

Posted by Dr. Volker Jaenisch 2007-05-03

ipvsman now reads keepalived configuration

ipvsman now reads the configuration file
keepalived.conf instead of its own service.cfg if started with the -k commandline parameter.

This feature enables ipvsman to run as a GUI to the keepalived livekeeping daemon.

Posted by Dr. Volker Jaenisch 2007-05-02

ipvsman ready to launch

After some struggle and a complete rewriting of the code. ipvsman is now ready for deployment.

Posted by Dr. Volker Jaenisch 2007-04-22