Import List of IPs

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Would you consider adding a feature to import a list of IPs (or can you already do that?) I want to scan only the computers on my list, not an entire range. Otherwise a great product. Thx.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      salut ça va

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I'd agree with that, though you can do it from a command line with FOR /F %i in (iplist.txt) DO ipscan %i %i scanouput.txt

      I also use the -a -f:csv switches

      Great product :-)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I agree with the original request. This is a great product - make it even better !

      Being able to import a desired scan list, and then being able to export the results would be waaay cooool !

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      This would be very handy indeed - I was just in need of this! Apart from that it is a great product!


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