Carla - 2010-03-30

I can't get it to work on Windows 7 either, but I can't show you an error file, because Juice also seems to cause Windows Explorer to crash every time I open the location of the error files (Program Files/Juice).

Juice had been working fine since I downloaded it into Windows 7 a few months ago, except sometimes 'save' buttons wouldn't work. But since I downloaded iTunes this weekend to convert a few m4a files to mp3, iTunes 'stole' the default file types previously managed by Juice. Now I can't return the defaults to Juice. In fact I cannot change any settings under File/Preferences. It lets me click on the radio buttons etc., but clicking 'Save' afterwards does nothing, and the only button that works is 'Cancel'.

Anyone any ideas?

I will shortly try uninstalling iTunes and Juice and reinstalling Juice if no-one has any better ideas.