#219 iPodder's parsing of OPML is too strict

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When iPodder parses the OPML of a user-added root on
the directory tab, it parses the OPML too strictly to
allow commonly-used <outline> tag structures to be
recognized as feeds.

For example, iPodder recognizes the following <outline>
as a feed:
<outline text="Useful Sounds - Nicole Simon's english
[blog|podcast]" type="link"
url="http://www.useful-sounds.de/rss.xml" />

However, if the "link" or "url" attributes names are in
anything other than lower case iPodder doesn't
recognize the item as a feed, just as an outline item.
In addition, other commonly used structures such as
feedster's or Bloglines's OPML export layouts provide
<outline> tags that are structured differently and are
unrecognized as feeds by iPodder:

feedster: <outline text="Geek News Central" title="Geek
News Central"

bloglines: <outline title="Useful Sounds - Nicole
Simon's english [blog|podcast]"
htmlUrl="http://useful-sounds.de/index.php" type="rss"

SharpReader: <outline type="rss" title="BBC News | News
Front Page | World Edition" description="Updated every
minute of every day"

My suggestion (for what it's worth) is that iPodder
should throw away case-sensitivity and should parse for
other commonly used "*url" attribute names in order of
preference (perhaps "url" first, "xmlurl" second, and
"htmlurl" third. If it finds any of those (there may
be others, these are just the ones I'm aware of) it
could attempt to parse the file referenced by the url
and if it finds a feed then change the icon to a feed
icon instead of a generic <outline> item icon.

I have uploaded three OPML files
to a website for testing, but I'm sure there are other
layout I'm not familiar with.


  • Cori Schlegel

    Cori Schlegel - 2005-02-27

    Logged In: YES

    Sorry, should have noted that each of these has at least
    Nicole Simon's Useful Sounds pocast feed in them, which
    should have some enclosures and should be recognized as a feed.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Logged In: NO

    In particualr, the current parser doesn't recognize iPodderX opml exports.


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