#207 Downloads window shows > 100% complete on resume


In the downloads tab, the State column showed a value
greater than 100% complete. The attached file shows the
state at around 180%, but the download got up above
215% before it actually finished.

This download had hung before when I was testing the
stop download function. I was downloading 2 items from
the same feed and had cancelled one in the Downloads
tab. The other kept downloading but then hung. I
exited iPodder without the State showing "Finished"
(interesting side-note, even though the download was
not completed iPodder did *not* warn me that a download
was in progress). When I came back in, the item window
on the Subscriptions tab showed that the download that
had been interrupted was still undownloaded. I resumed
it and watched iPodder go above 100% downloaded. I
have not been able to reproduce yet.

Running beta2 windows.

Relevant log entries:
We have one feed to scan.
Pass #1 ended with 3 enclosures discovered.
Pass #2: downloading enclosures...
Filtering 3 discovered enclosures...
1 enclosures need more work.
BasicGrabber 31004560 u'ESC-2005-2-8.mp3.partial'
reports: Destination file exists. Requesting resume
from 262144 bytes.
BasicGrabber 31004560 u'ESC-2005-2-8.mp3.partial'
reports: Disabling gzip just in case.
BasicGrabber 31004560 u'ESC-2005-2-8.mp3.partial'
reports: Will resume from 262144 if we can.
Updating playlist Esc From the World! with ESC-2005-2-8.mp3
Pass #2 ended.
Last check completed at Mon Feb 21 23:29:02 2005


  • Venrooy

    Venrooy - 2005-05-09

    Logged In: YES

    The > 100% issue is fixed in the development version. It
    will be inside the new release.
    Ticket closed.

  • Venrooy

    Venrooy - 2005-05-09
    • status: open --> closed

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