#105 Problem with HTTP Not Found on Enclosures (404 with files)


I'm not sure I put this in the correct category. It's
really a problem with enclosure grabbing.

The problem is that if the URL for an enclosure
referenced in a particular feed is invalid (e.g.
results in an HTTP Error 404) iPodder will save the
error page as the enclosure.

I noticed recently that I was getting .mp3 files that
appeared as HTML files instead of MP3 files on my
system (Ubuntu 4.10). That is, they have HTML icons and
context menus. I opened one in my text editor and it is
in fact the HTML of the error page.

I made a test feed with one item that referenced a file
that didn't exist in the enclosure tag. I subscribed to
the feed in iPodder and ran a scan. iPodder downloaded
the error page and saved it with the enclosure file name.


  • Venrooy

    Venrooy - 2005-02-10
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  • Venrooy

    Venrooy - 2005-02-10

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    How should iPodder handle this?

  • Venrooy

    Venrooy - 2005-02-10
    • summary: Problem with HTTP Not Found on Enclosures --> Problem with HTTP Not Found on Enclosures (404 with files)
  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    In my experience the 404 errors are often due to temporary
    conditions (e.g. a problem uploading the enclosed file). I
    think there is value in being able to redownload them, but
    probably only with user intervention.

    In the GUI version (which I haven't looked at in depth) it
    might work to list the missing URL in the pending downloads
    list with some kind of flag. Then the user could choose to
    try downloading it again or delete it from list.

    In the command line version, I would just like to be able to
    set in a mode that is silent unless there are problems. That
    way cron could send me an email whenever there was a 404.
    (Right now, if I don't block the email, cron will email me
    all of ipodder's output, including every line of the
    download progress.)

  • Bradley Peters

    Bradley Peters - 2005-02-12

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    The last comment from nobody (2005-02-12 11:31) was actually
    from me. I realized too late that I wasn't logged in. Sorry.

  • Venrooy

    Venrooy - 2005-08-04

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    copied from newer bug:
    OpenPodcast was over its hourly quota, and was
    responding to requests for MP3s with HTML. It spake
    thusly (the enclosing <h.. tags removed):

    <title>403 Forbidden</title>
    <h1>Error: 403 Forbidden</h1><br>
    Error when attempting to use the Coral Content
    Distribution Network (<a
    hostname specified in the Coralized URL is currently
    over its hourly quota. Please try back later.
    <i>Server CoralWebPrx/0.1.11 (See http://coralcdn.org/\)

    But Ipodder saved this in the specified download
    directory with the mp.3 extension; Windows MediaPlayer
    10 believed Ipodder's .tag until it went to play the
    file and found an improper header, and bitterly
    complained about it.

    Maybe some [i]deus ex machina[/i] code here?


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