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IOverflow / News: Recent posts

The IOverFlow project has a new WebSite!

A brand spanking new website is available at Please have a look around and see if you'd like to join the project. Also, source code has been added to the CVS tree...

We need a few good men (or woman) to make this game happen! Visit us and join us!

Posted by MasterBaker 2004-12-11

Project approved at!

Hello everyone!

The team has approved our project. For the moment the project is empty, but we will set up a temporary website within a few days/weeks and set up the CVS tree with what little we've got so far.

In the meantime, interested parties are invited to search on the web for REZ, or go to to get an idea of what we're aiming to accomplish.... read more

Posted by MasterBaker 2004-04-08