#71 Error restoring file (Configuration File - ICF)

Samy Silva

1 - Open IOmeter (Last Version - iometer-1.1.0-rc1-win64.x86_64-bin.zip)
2 - Click on "Save Test Configuration File", and "Save".
3 - Click on "Open Test Configuration File", select the file, and "Open".

Error restoring file. Version number earlier than 1998.01.05 or incorrectly formatted.


  • Scott Hall

    Scott Hall - 2013-05-17

    Here is a workaround I am using.

    If you save the Iometer configuration (.ICF File), you will need to edit the file and change two parameters before you can open/import the configuration.

    1. Use a text editor of your choice to open the ICF file. Notepad or VI work fine.

    2. Change the first and last line of the ICF file to "Version 2006.07.27".

    3. You should now be able to import the ICF file.

  • Martin Werner

    Martin Werner - 2013-06-21


    I had a look in the source code:

    The problem is that the definition of IOVER_FILEVERSION (in IOVersion.h) is now in a different format ("1.1.0" instead of i.e. "2008.03.06") and therefore when generating the Version in ICF_ifstream.cpp (ICF_ifstream::GetVersion()) this will return the error as the new format will be smaller than 19980105

    The change required: either change the definition IOVER_FILEVERSION to a "old regular" format or change ICF_ifstream::GetVersion() to adopt to the new format

    I just rebuilt it myself with a new version IOVER_FILEVERSION and it is working fine now!


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