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New release

A new version of IOE has been posted. This one includes working templates for the forms project including a patient tracker, employee list, flashcard editor (but not the flashcard portion of the program yet), MCQ question bank editor, and addressbook.
This release includes more XML file editing utilities, numerous bug fixes, a floating point command line calculator

Posted by Irtza Sharif 2005-03-27

Initial file release

An initial file release of the programs for ioe have been released

Most programs are already functional but there is little consistency in the command line arguments of the programs.

the suite of command line XML programs is mostly functional, but again most programs will have their command line arguments changed to be consistent across all programs.

If anyone out there is interested in a set of command line XML programs that allow for the creation and usage of XML "databases" and XML "registries", help would be appreciated. Just contact the project administrator through your sourceforge account

Posted by Irtza Sharif 2005-01-22