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  • Manu Kebab

    Manu Kebab - 2014-02-08

    Preparing an USB flash drive (with persistence)

    (it's highly recommended to use a good quality pen)

    * Method 1 (beginner, simple persistence):

    # Assuming that your usb drive is /dev/sdc
    $ USB_DEV=/dev/sdc
    $ cp io-live--2016.04--e21-k4.6.3-rt-amd64 ${USB_DEV}
    # !!! Be careful that it will erase all contents in your usb drive
    (an alternate way to copy the iso to the USB flash drive is to use dd.. use this in case of problem with cp)
    $ sudo dd io-live--2016.04--e21-k4.6.3-rt-amd64 ${USB_DEV}

    When the copy has finished, create an ext4 partition in the free space of the drive with label: persistence
    The pen when the copy has finished
    Finally, copy the persistence.conf in this partition and you're done... you can now reboot a enjoy the full persistence :o)
    Configured for persistence

    * Method 2 (advanced, encrypted persistence):

    It consists of making an ext4 partition (4Go) in the beginning of the drive, extract the iso in it, install extlinux and make it bootable

    In the free space, create an encrypted (LUKS) partition with label persistence that contains a persistence.conf file.

    That's it... enjoy :)

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  • Casey Brownell

    Casey Brownell - 2017-01-17

    Hi, for ease of usb creation on Windows, would you please send in a request to add this to their supported list? :

    Also, as this is my first time really delving into linux, I do not have a linux, or the technical know-how to follow these steps in windows to create my own live persistent version. (I believe this requires... terminal?) Please help!

  • Manu Kebab

    Manu Kebab - 2017-01-22

    Hi, Thanks for your interest and link... I will send them a request. :)

  • Manu Kebab

    Manu Kebab - 2017-02-23

    Done ;)


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