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Manu Kebab

A free multimedia OS made by an artist for artists :) It includes a real-time kernel for music production with low latencies, programs for all uses (sound, video, graphics, internet and more). Get fun and creative inspiration running... io GNU/Linux

Screenshot thumbnail
Graphical boot menu
Screenshot thumbnail
Desktop: Enlightenment 0.21.6
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Sound configuration (JACK)
Screenshot thumbnail
Ardour session
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Blender :)
Screenshot thumbnail
Scaling windows :)

Project Admins:


  • Hwood Drew

    Hwood Drew - 2017-07-06

    The best ever, not enough time in the day to go through it, my passion is rekindled in io Gnu/ Linux! I am extremely grateful to the developer(s) mkeldoctor and SF for hosting! Easily worth thousands if it were mainstream proprietary! Wan't to boot on Mac hardware, also I am interested in installing this on arm touchscreen devices and all my friends' and family member's devices. I been using for about a month- month and a half and feel like I didn't even scratch the surface, also my day job is not IT related. Could give, but NOT enough time, an extremely in-depth review, detailed aptly! Muchos gratitious!! Venni vicci!!

    • Manu Kebab

      Manu Kebab - 2017-10-05

      Thanks :)

  • Peter Moroso

    Peter Moroso - 2017-11-11

    Hello Manu Kebab,

    Thank you very much for you reply!!

    Sorry, not accustomed to someone replying to my threads, lol I do not check email every day due to an undisclosed reason.. I am American from the states.. My Spiritual relationship teaches me to love thy neighbors.. I am aware of what is going to happen to me if I use my gifts of wisdom to receive ill gotten gains..

    Manu, I would like to start donating some $$$, plus my engineering and documenting skills to this project. AM trying to write a basic client user manual. Then server manuals. Then ADMIN manual-(Secret firmware)
    Those in my team say I am the only one to figure io out, I don't know.

    **I just figured out your "initialization root trick", you literal genius son of a gun!! Bravo, Soldier!! It only took 6-7 months, and two hurricanes to hit here.

    *I tried to donate using paypal but it is not going through. "The best RTkernel ever!!"

    I specialize with io/GNU/Linux, debian, rpm, gnome, etc. distros + unix, macbook pro.

    And as well as sh$$$y windows, and f$$$ android, some proprietary. PLease, I would love to help contribute in some way. Thanks Manu, Hwood


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