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VOS and TerAngreal 0.22 have been released

Version 0.22.0 of the VOS libraries and the 3D client application TerAngreal have been released. This version features many networking bugfixes since 0.21, and collision detection and gravity is now implemented for avatars in TerAngreal.

Visit the web page at to download and for more information about VOS and the Interreality project.

Posted by Reed Hedges 2005-10-04

VOS 0.21 has been released!

VOS version 0.21.0 has been released. Major features of this version:

* The biggest new feature is the VOS Infrastructure Protocol (VIP), a new transport protocol built on UDP to support low-latency messaging and multiple parallel data streams in a single connection.
* The VOS 3D Browser Ter'Angreal is being completetly rewritten, but now has a wxWidgets-based GUI. GUI supports chatting, loading new avatars, bookmarking worlds and loading worlds from COD files and more.
* Many improvements to the VOS plugin to the Crystal Space 3D engine
* Better Windows support (compiles under MinGW). Now provides a Windows exe installer.
* Debian packages available for x86 via apt-get
* Should now compile and run on OS X
The interreality project is a large software development effort based on the Virtual Object System (VOS) platform. The goal of Interreality is to develop a free and open platform for multiuser 3D virtual reality and interactive, collaborative 3D virtual spaces, as well as other applications.... read more

Posted by Reed Hedges 2005-03-27

VOS 0.20.0 is finally released!

The Interreality projecs is pleased to announce that version 0.20.0 of the Virtual Object System (VOS) has been released. This version represents a major rewrite from the previous versions and has been a long time coming,
and we hope you will find it interesting!

The Interreality web page can be found at

Major features of this release include:

* Multithreaded architecture based on thread pools; VOS code is threadsafe... read more

Posted by Reed Hedges 2004-07-20

Version 0.11 released!

See for more info.

It is my pleasure to announce that VOS version 0.11.0 has been released (! There are many, many changes in this version (this is only a partial list):

The VR client Ter'Angreal now supports rigid body physics using the Open Dynamics Engine. This provides collision detection and response.

VOS now has a service discovery system. In particular, this makes it very easy to find and join virtual worlds.
Ter'Angreal has been ported to Microsoft Windows. In this release it can be compiled "out of the box" on Microsoft Visual C++ 7.0. In addition, there is a win32 binary distribution of Ter'Angreal available for those
who would like to try it out.
Binary Debian packages are also available. These packages were built on stable Debian 3.0 and should work on any Debian system using either the stable or unstable distribution. ... read more

Posted by Reed Hedges 2003-02-13

Version 0.10.1 Available

VOS (plus applications) is now available at <a href=""></a>

Major changes include: A major bottleneck in the message processing code has been removed in this release, so that the VOS is quite fast now. In Ter'Angreal (the 3D client), you will enter the world almost immediately and objects will appear as they are downloaded. There is now support for issuing complex queries about an object structure on a site with the results streamed back. You can now write world servers in Perl. There is a new demo world, "Conic Temple". VOS has been ported to Microsoft Windows, and some parts of the protocol have been tweaked to be more efficient.

Posted by Reed Hedges 2002-11-01