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#49 Problems with two curator tool windows

bug (26)

Hi Paula,

There is still problems when copying text (xml codes)
from one curator tool window to another.

When I have one window in Amend mode, and then open
another window an put it in XML view, copy some text
from here to the first window and finally submit the
first, then I get an empty page!

And what I had changed is not saved.

An example:

I opened EC in Amend mode

I opened a new window of EC and copied the
link to the diagram including the xml codes.

I pasted this text into the EC and edited the
text to be correct. I submitted. I had nothing, but had
to start all over.



  • pmatos

    pmatos - 2005-06-03

    Logged In: YES

    Dear Kristian,

    The main problem is the order in which you are doing it.
    You should always open the entry you are amending last. This
    ensures that the tool has the correct one in memory in order
    to compare the changes.

    The correct procedure for editing is:
    1. Open the entry you want to copy from.
    2. Open the entry you want to amend.
    3. Copy the data from the view across to the amend.
    4. Submit amended entry.

    I know the process is not very sophisticated but we will try
    to improve this in future as we do not have the resources at
    the moment.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Logged In: NO

    Hi Paula,

    I know that I have to do it in that order, but it is
    unfortunately not the logical way, you see:

    1. You are in amend mode
    2. You realise that you need some xml code form another entry
    3. You open the netry in question and copy the necessary
    4. You do not remember you have to go out and re-enter the
    entry you would like to change.

    I will try to remember anyway in the future, but I really
    hope you will succeed in finding a solution to the problem.


  • pmatos

    pmatos - 2005-06-03

    Logged In: YES

    Hi Kristian,

    The solution is that you must reload the amended entry
    before submitting it.
    Here is the procedure:
    1. Go to entry you want to amend.
    2. Go to another entry in XML mode.
    3. Reload the amended entry page - you will lose any current
    information you have already put in this form.

    The problem occurs because you are still in the same session
    and the browser remembers that. So if you open a new tab you
    will remain in the same session. Firefox maintains the
    session even if you open a new window.

    I would suggest that you need to work in two different
    browser sessions and this will always solve your problem and
    I will try to improve the situation at a later date.
    So here is another procedure which should never conflict:
    1. Open amended entry in one browser.
    2. Open another browser just to view data.
    3. When you submit the amended entry provided the view is in
    a different session this should not conflict.

    You can check that you are in a different session by
    checking that the you have to log in twice rather than once.

    Hope this helps for now.

  • Rafael Alcántara

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