#108 Transferred entry circus

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I think we have to reconsider once again what we can do
with the transferred entry circus:

EC was in 2001 transferred to EC
EC was in 2004 transferred to EC
EC was in 2005 deleted as the activity is
identical to that of EC

In IntEnz:

EC redirects to EC
EC redirects to EC
EC does not point anywhere, only in the
history comments, but with the current policy only
"Deleted entry" can be displayed in ENZYME view.

So what do we do with the older versions???
Point to EC

To complicate the matters, IUBMB have never deleted EC, but I am currently resolve that problem.



  • Rafael Alcántara

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    In my opinion, pointing the older ones to EC would
    make some information to be lost. Though it would be most
    straightforward for the end user...

    Can't the policy be changed? "Deleted entry" simply makes me
    feel the enzyme has evaporated without leaving any trace, as
    if researchers would have had second thoughts about their
    results... :-)



  • Kristian Axelsen

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    Hi Rafael,

    I can only say that it is not my idea with the deleted
    entries, and that ENZYME had "transferred entry" for many of
    the IUBMB "deleted entry" entries, AND that I was forced to
    change enzyme.dat as I was told that you could not extract
    the proper information i.e. the history line business.

    So, in conclusion, as long as we follow IUBMB letter for
    letter we will have to make THEM change.


  • Rafael Alcántara

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