#18 Update files with a newer version not working


InstallJammer 1.2b2

I am testing an installer on Solaris 9 and have the file update method = Update files with a newer version selected.

I ran the installer once. Then edited a file that was installed with some new settings. The installation info has the correct version of the file listed in the .ver file. Then I re-ran the same installer and it wrote over my local changes.

I would think that since the versions of the file according to the installer were the same, the file would not have been copied at all.

Let me know if I am not understanding how this component should work.


  • Damon Courtney

    Damon Courtney - 2007-08-16

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    Originator: NO

    You understand correctly. There might be a bug in there somewhere. I will take a look.

  • bkbugzilla

    bkbugzilla - 2007-10-23

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    Originator: YES

    Any update on validating this behavior?

  • Damon Courtney

    Damon Courtney - 2007-10-23

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    Originator: NO

    I think I remember fixing this in the latest release. Can you check against 1.2 and tell me if the problem still occurs. If it is still happening, I will definitely get it fixed for the next release which should be happening very shortly. I already have enough small changes to put out 1.2.1 this week.


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