#310 Vista - installing shortcuts for current user

Bill Y

This is just bizaar. Windows Vista (redundant?).

When creating shortcuts for the current user and the current user is in the local Administrator group, desktop shortcuts are set up for every account on the system. After running the installation there is a .lnk file in every Desktop directory under the Users directory.

When setting up shortcuts for "all users", the .lnk file is placed in Users\Public\Public Desktop as it should.

Similarly, Start Menu links are place in ProgramData\Microsoft\...\Programs rather than Users\user\AppData...

Installing for the current user only and NOT an administrator gets this error message

Error in action ExecuteAction: Error in action InstallDesktopShortcut: Access is denied.
Error in action ExecuteAction: Error in action InstallDesktopShortcut: Access is denied.
while executing
"$obj execute"
(procedure "::InstallJammer::ExecuteActions" line 64)
invoked from within
"::InstallJammer::ExecuteActions $id -when $when"
(procedure "::InstallJammer::RaiseEventHandler" line 79)
invoked from within
"::InstallJammer::RaiseEventHandler .wizard"
(command bound to event)

Works as one would expect on XP.



  • Bill Y

    Bill Y - 2008-09-25


    I've gotten the same or similar behavior from other installers. I'm researching it further.

  • Bill Y

    Bill Y - 2008-09-25

    Tested against another commercial install package and got same results, namely when logged into Windows using an account with admin privileges shortcuts set up for the current users are written to Users\<user>\Desktop (for desktop shortcuts) for every user set up on the system and \ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu (meaning all users) for Start Menu shortcuts.

    When running the setup logged into an account without admin privs, the program bombs with:

    Error in thread tid00000978: can't create directory "C:/Program Files/MyAppName": permission denied
    while executing
    "file mkdir $dir"
    (procedure "::INstallJammer::CreateDir" line 13)
    invoked from within
    "::InstallJammer::CreateDir $infor(InstallDir)"
    (procedure "::InstallJammer::InstallFiles line 9)
    invoked from within
    (procedure "::InstallJammer::UnpackMain" line 39)
    invoked from within
    (file "C:/Users/test/AppData/Local/Temp/rjtmp_6D113680-8BD5-4F31-807D-1A13B88CC9DF/unpack.tcl" line 7059)
    invoked from within
    "source C:/Users/test/AppData/Local/Temp/rjtmp_6D113680-8BD5-4F31-807D-1A13B88CC9DF/unpack.tcl"

    This occurs when it tries to create the InstallDir. The File Permission Condition is set to the default in the Select Destination panel.

  • Damon Courtney

    Damon Courtney - 2008-09-25

    Ok, so, you ARE logged in with admin privileges and still getting this error? Are you actually logged in as Administrator, or just someone with admin privileges? I don't have a copy of Vista anywhere, so I'm afraid I'm relying on you to get me the information to try and track down what's going on. 0-]

  • Bill Y

    Bill Y - 2008-09-25

    I've tested with 2 "admin" accounts, the built-in administrator account and a Windows domain account that has been assigned to the machine's Administrators group and both react the same. The "test" account is set up ordinaire, no admin privs (hence the bomb - it should just die gracefully).

    I have Googled my brains out on this and I don't know what the answer should be for the admin privs (Microsoft's answer, not a logical answer).

    If I can test or debug for you, bring it on.


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