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ilpatch.cfg error (shitttttttttttttttt)

  • daniel montezano francisco

    Cheking client version.... Done
    Loading Igniton.cfg.....
    Loading this fuckin ilpatch.cfg ......... ERROR
    This Client version is not supported

    (No patch information for this selected client)

    Checksum 9ad98374 Lenght: 16d03f

    whataaaaaa hell is that??
    im using the client 300c

    what i need to do?

    • Daniel Cavalcanti

      use an original one or go to ilpatch.cfg and replace the CRC32 and checksum by the ones of the client

    • Melih

      Melih - 2003-07-06

      "Your Client 300c"        9ad98374 16d03f : 0042cd95 = 85, 0042d83c = 3b c0, 0042d736 = 3b ff

    • Ruth

      Ruth - 2003-07-14

      My client version is 4.0.0. o (patch 9) so i also get the error "This Client version is not supported "
      how do i replace the checksum for that client?
      thx for help.

    • Onur Olgun

      Onur Olgun - 2003-08-18

      Hi first,
      I can't open injection in shard that I am playing. I can open it with client 2.0.3 or 2.0.0 etc... But when I get in the game it disconnects and says please connect with the xxx (their client for anti injection) client. I try to connect with that client but then it says;
      " Checking client version... " Done
      " Loading Ignition.cfg... "
      " Loading ilpatch.cfg ... "      Error

      Error details...

      - This client verion is not supported.
      - (No patch information for selected client.)
      - Checksum: b4420042 Length: 158000

      I've read some other topics in these forums about this problem and necr0potenc3 answered some question like add CRC32 and Checksums... Actually I don't know what the hell is CRC32 or Checksum is. So I want a begginer guide for this problem. I know I want a lot but please help me.

    • Daniel Cavalcanti

      clients above 400c dont work, its useless to try (its a problem with the wsock parms)


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