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Informa code base moved over to github

The source code of Informa can be now found over at
It is based on rev. 853 of the subversion sourceforge trunk.

The code base has been cleaned up and modernized bit (moving from Java 1.5 to 1.8 as base requirement). Also the Hibernate and Lucene dependencies have been removed, to clarify that the scope is really about parsing news feeds of different formats, allowing to build an object model as well as watch and export functionality.... read more

Posted by Niko Schmuck 2015-07-06

Informa code base migrated from CVS to Subversion

Finally the code base is now switched over to the subversion version control system at sourceforge (starting revision number: 848). More information getting access to it can be found here:

Have fun,

Posted by Niko Schmuck 2008-05-27

Informa license changes

To enable easier embedding as Eclipse Plug-In, we have now Informa also available under the Eclipse Public License (EPL), which is of course OSI approved.

We hope with this step to be more open, and invite people to report bugs and send in their patches when also when using it under the EPL. This will continually improve Informa's overall quality and usefulness.


Posted by Niko Schmuck 2007-06-26

First 0.7.0 alpha release of Informa is out, now!

Ongoing modernization keeps us aware, so we decided to migrate Informa to Java JDK 5 (*). Other noteworthy changes we dropped the auto-generation of Hibernate mapping files with XDoclet, to have full control over the mapping definition as well as switched from Hibernate 2 to 3. A new persistence manager allows to integrate more easily with your spring-hibernate configuration. Some bugs were removed, the Atom parser greatly improved (**).... read more

Posted by Niko Schmuck 2007-01-06

Bug Fix Release 0.6.5 available

The support of the Atom 0.3 news feed syntax has been improved. The poller and cleaner worker threads are now daemons. Reworked session locking in HibernateUtil to improve thread-safety. Many more improvements to the Poller module. There also many small bugs related to encoding problems fixed.
The JDOM library has been updated from b10 to 1.0.

Special thanks to Aleksey and many other people who contributed to this informa release. Please note that any bugfixes to this release (0.6.5) will go the CVS branch named 'branch-0_6_5'.... read more

Posted by Niko Schmuck 2005-09-30

Informa 0.6.0 out

The new release of Informa contains three new modules provided by Aleksey Gureev (from BlogBridge team). The new persistence manager concept allows convenient operations on channel groups, channels and news items. You can choose between the In-Memory and Hibernate persistence manager implementations. Also a Poller and Cleaner modules were added for convenient multi-threaded background polling of changes in channels resp. cleaning of channels.
Many thanks go out to Aleksey!

Posted by Niko Schmuck 2004-10-18

Freshly released: Informa 0.5.5

Welcome another release of the Informa library, the most noteworthy news is that we have now (at least basic) support for parsing in Atom news feeds. Special thanks to Jean-Guy Avelin to improve on this, and to implement the caching mechanism in FeedManager.

Have fun,
-- Niko

Posted by Niko Schmuck 2004-06-29

Informa 0.5.0 released

* Restructured core interface inheritance through introduction of
MetaInterfaces (MIF), breaking neither the public API nor any
implementations, thanks to Alexei Matiouchkine
* Some minor bug fixes (bug[880438])
* Improved Hibernate backend robustness
* Updated Hibernate library to version 2.1.1

Have fun,

Posted by Niko Schmuck 2004-01-30

Informa 0.4.5 Release is out

Added missing fields to Channel and Item interfaces
to support the RSS 0.9x/1.0/2.0 specification more complete, thanks to Michael Harhen

Fixes for the hibernate backend integration
(tested with HypersonicSQL, MySQL and PostgreSQL)

Updated support for PostgreSQL to version 7.3.2

Have fun,

More informations on:

Posted by Niko Schmuck 2003-11-09

First Informa beta release (0.4.0)

This is the first beta release (0.4.0) of the Informa RSS library, which provides now a hibernate backend in place (see de.nava.informa.impl.hibernate) as well as a OPML Parser (supporting version 1.1) to read in feed collections.

Sam added his FeedManager (under de.nava.informa.utils), while I simplified the feed parsing to avoid unnecessary parser
collection and pre-format detection.

A special thanks to Pito Salas, who helped a lot to identify the remaining hibernate issues. Hope you enjoy the improvements and looking forward to your feedback concerning the new hibernate persistance implementation.... read more

Posted by Niko Schmuck 2003-09-29

Informa 0.3.0 Released

Version 0.3.0 of the Informa Java Library has just been released. It contains some bug-fixes, as updated library dependencies (JDOM) and now supports the Logging interfaces from the Jakarta Commons project. The support for reading and exporting is now a bit more complete. Your feedback is as always very welcome.


Posted by Niko Schmuck 2003-07-27

Informa 0.2.6 released

The Informa RSS Library provides a convenient Java API for handling news channels and metadata about them. Different syntax formats (like RSS 0.91 and 1.0 RDF) for channels are supported. It is planned to also support channel information descriptions. This release improves the flexibilty of channel parsing, the channel format defintion and contains also some bug fixes.

Posted by Niko Schmuck 2003-04-07

Informa 0.2.4 available

A new alpha release of Informa is now available with some interface improvements and support for RSS 2.0.

Posted by Niko Schmuck 2003-01-20

Informa 0.2.2 is out

The next alpha release can now be downloaded. A new RDF 1.0 news channel export has been added, some minor documentation issues fixed and the package structure polished.

Posted by Niko Schmuck 2002-10-20

Second alpha release available

Contains some more JavaDoc comments.
Have Fun,

Posted by Niko Schmuck 2002-08-21

First alpha release of Informa is now out

Feedback is very welcome!

-- Niko

Posted by Niko Schmuck 2002-08-07

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