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Joseph Koshy

The Indic-Computing Handbook

The Indic-Computing Handbook is a developers handbook that contains technical information needed by software developers covering the issues involved in Indian language processing.

Project Information

Key Value
Project Type Documentation
Current Status Under Development
Source Tree (en) doc/trunk/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook
Current Snapshot The Indic-Computing Handbook


Required Skill Sets

Developing the Handbook requires two major kinds of skill sets:

  • Domain expertise, e.g., linguistic information for each of the languages being documented.
  • Software development skills for building infrastructure capable of processing indian language text.

One of the requirements for the Handbook is that it be capable of documenting languages that do not have standard character encodings or font encodings (for example, indian language scripts not covered by Unicode). The other requirement for the Handbook is that it should be buildable and usable on platforms that lack built-in support for the languages being described.


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