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Fifth draft of the "Design Axes" article available

The fifth draft of the "Design Axes for Indian Language Computing" article has been put up for review at:

Posted by Joseph Koshy 2008-08-16

New Committers

Alok Kumar [alok_kumar] and Cherry George Mathew [cherrymathew] join our project as committers.

Alok Kumar will help us with the Handbook content and
Cherry Mathew with porting our software to various Linux

Posted by Joseph Koshy 2003-12-15

New Documentation Toolchain package for Debian GNU/Linux

A Debian package for our documentation toolchain is now
available for release.


Posted by Joseph Koshy 2003-11-03

New Documentation Toolchain 'meta'-port

A new release of the documentation toolchain
meta-port for FreeBSD has been made. This
release is suitable for use with FreeBSD 5.1
and later.

Posted by Joseph Koshy 2003-06-26

Python/FreeType2 wrapper: Milestone 1

Milestone 1 of the Python FreeType2 wrapper has been
uploaded. This is a pre-alpha release, and not for general

Sub-project URL:

Posted by Joseph Koshy 2003-05-21

Workshop papers now available

Some of the papers presented at the first indic computing
workshop can be downloaded from:

Posted by Joseph Koshy 2002-11-25

Website update

The project website has been reworked with the
intent of providing better navigation.

Posted by Joseph Koshy 2002-07-03