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New imprints 0.0.9 released

I have released a new snapshot of the imprints client and server packages. This update (0.0.9) is to keep up to date with the changes to rpcclient in SAMBA_2_2. If you are testing the Imprints installation client against Samba 2.2.0-alpha2 or earlier, you will need to use Imprints-0.0.8b.

Posted by Gerald Carter 2001-03-19

New imprints-0.0.8 release

Includes several command line client bug fixes and updated documentation.

Posted by Gerald Carter 2001-01-03

New docs added to CVS

I've added some drafts of new documentation to the CVS tree (included in docs/ appropriately). Most are in text format. The Install-Client-HOWTO is in Postscript only at the moment.

Posted by Gerald Carter 2000-12-01

Imprints 0.0.6-beta2 released

The second beta release of the Imprints tolset has been uploaded. The source tarball and source RPM can be found <a href="">here</a>. Follow <a href="">this link to the release notes</a>.

Posted by Gerald Carter 2000-11-01

Preparing for Beta release

We are preparing for a beta release of Imprints to correspond with the upcoming beta release of Samba 2.2.0. The estimated time frame is by the first of October, 2000.


Posted by Gerald Carter 2000-09-14