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iMeMex Dataspace Management System / News: Recent posts

v0.44.0 of iMeMex server and iMeMex AJAX client released

- core split into several bundles
- more tests
- two new smaller testdata sets
- several improvements and bug fixes
- first release of iMeMex GWT client

Posted by Jens Dittrich 2007-03-06

new version 0.43.0 of iMeMex server released

- worked on automatic testing for the past month (ongoing work)
- > 200 new JUnit tests
- new location independent framework for automatic testing and test generation (defaultconfig)
- new ETH internal testing framework with remote data sources (remoteconfig)
- several bug fixes
- some new operators: merger, external sorting, random integer
- enhancements and fixes in iMeMex interface to support GWT client (coming soon)
- filesystem plugin: support for unix soft-links and query shipping to file system
- IMAP plugin: support for insecure and secure connections (use either imap:// or imaps://)
- new iQL syntax: some extensions and fixes
- improvement of consistency check
- MVM:
- info file shows description of data
- moved basic functionality from binary RV pullop to base class
- exists() and getOIDArray on interface introduced

Posted by Jens Dittrich 2007-02-06

First developer beta version of iMeMex server released

We have released a first developer beta version of the iMeMex server (v0.42.0). We are also working on a client that we are going to post soon.

Posted by Jens Dittrich 2006-12-15