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Imaging 0.26.4 Released!

Main changes: APNG support, arbitrary angle image rotations, Mac OS X (Intel) compatibility, many bug fixes, XPM saving, new canvas methods, ...

Posted by Marek Mauder 2009-10-13

Imaging 0.26.2 Released!

Main changes:
- Delphi 2009 and Lazarus 0.9.26 compatibility
- New canvas methods (flood and boundary fills, histogram, levels, fill channel)
- GIF animator rewritten, PSD can save image as layer
- Fixed loading of progressive JPEGs, works with more LCL widget sets
- Removed need for linking against stdc++ in Linux (JPEG 2000 support)
- Added user contributed code (ExtraGIF, NIF loader, Hq)

Posted by Marek Mauder 2008-12-28

Imaging 0.26.0 Released!

New major release, more info on project homepage.

Posted by Marek Mauder 2008-08-28

Imaging 0.24.2 Released!

Patch and updates release.

Posted by Marek Mauder 2007-12-12

Imaging 0.24 released!

New file formats: GIF, PSD, TIFF
New data formats: BTC
Bug fixes and compatibility fixes.

Posted by Marek Mauder 2007-06-29

Imaging 0.22.0 released!

New Imaging release is out!

Mainly changes in library core regarding image file format handling and bug fixes.
New Extras package with additional extensions and demos was added.
New supported file formats: JPEG2000, PCX, PBM, PGM, PPM, PAM, PFM, Daggerfall Images.

Posted by Marek Mauder 2007-01-25

Migrated to SubVersion

Imaging now uses SubVersion repository and all new source changes will be commited there. CVS still works but it won't be updated. Look here for Imaging's SVN info:

Posted by Marek Mauder 2006-11-22

Imaging 0.20.0 released!

New release is out! Check project's homepage for details.

Posted by Marek Mauder 2006-10-30