#2 Saving the enlarged image


here is a solution I found to this problem:
the first step, after opening the original image, is to select on the left panel, with the left mouse button, the area you like to enlarge, clicking outside the square and dragging the mouse, then adjust the size on the right panel with the zoom, apply the filters, calculate and exit.
In other words, the image you get is the one on the left panel, the one on the right is only a detailed view.
However in my opinion the program has a problem; I open a file, e.g. Photo1.jpg, apply some filter and I see in the bottom left row the name of the output file Photo1_e.jpg, then I press Calculate and the name of the output file become Photo1_e0,jpg, but when I exit in the output directory I found only the "intermediate" file Photo1_e.jpg (not enlarged) and the "final" file Photo1_e0.jpg is lost.
Ermannno ik1aor


  • Mischa Lusteck

    Mischa Lusteck - 2009-08-12

    First, thank you for your detailed post, you are completely right, the right view is only for detailed viewing and testing of parameters, it has nothing to do with cropping or selecting a region for enlarging. All you see on the left side is what you get in your enlarged image ( only bigger ), you can crop the image in the left view by dragging a rectangle. The gray square is only for marking the region shown on the right. This seems to be a unclear interface design, I will have to think about something less mistakable.
    By the way, you seem to refer to version 0.8.0, the new version 0.8.5 is maybe a slight improvement , at least there is a help menu now.

    Now for the second part of your bug report: Are you sure that the file Photo1_e.jpg is not enlarged? Maybe your image viewer only scales it down to fit it onto the screen? In any case, I would be very grateful if you could try another enlargement and post the exact zoom factor, the width & height of the source and the width & height of the enlarged picture in pixel, and also compare the two pictures, so that I might get an idea what is going wrong with the enlargement ( but please update to v 0.8.5 first ).

    As for the way the enlarger produces filenames and appends numbers:

    The idea is, that in the line "Enlarged:" ( in v 0.8.0 ) / " Save To: " ( v 0.8.5 ) you see the name of your NEXT enlargement.
    In your example:
    After pressing "Calculate" the enlargement is calculated and saved to the file named in "Enlarged:", in your case "Photo1_e.jpg". When this is saved, the enlarger notices, that file "Photo1_e.jpg" now exists and counts up by one for the next crop you might want to enlarge out of Photo1. This new name, "Photo1_e0.jpg" is written to the "Enlarged:" / "Save To:" - line, so this file will be created after you select a new crop or zoom or parameter setting and press "Calculate" again. This is maybe also not very intuitive, but for me it seemed quite practicable if you want to enlarge more than one crop out of a photo.

  • Mischa Lusteck

    Mischa Lusteck - 2009-09-10

    As there is not a single further proper bug report including any details since release of 0.8.5, the existence of this bug in 0.8.5 is strongly to be doubted. Priority is lowered for now. If no one descends to giving detailed, precise, thoroughly verified information, this artifact will be closed.


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