#12 class accessor regexp bug in ilsp-src


I found that attempts to find source would crash with a
bad regexp error. I tracked this down to what I
believe to be an ill-formed regexp in
lisp-locate-clisp. The regexp (really regexp template)
bound to the lexical variable CLASS in that function
had a ?+ sequence, that at least my emacs (xemacs
2.1.14) didn't like. Here's a patched function that at
least seems to work. Since I don't know exactly what
the ?+ was intended to do, I'm not sure I've captured
the right regexp behavior.


  • Bob Rogers

    Bob Rogers - 2002-08-30

    Logged In: YES

    Dropping the "+" is the right thing. (Curiously, this seems
    to work in FSF emacs 20.7, and even finds the right
    definition.) I will patch this shortly.

    If this really "crashes" Xemacs, I would report this as a
    bug to them, too.

    For the record, the "^F." sequences are Symbolics
    font-change escape sequences. People used to define "^F" as
    a splicing reader macro in other lisps so that they could
    develop on Symbolics, where they would see definition names
    in bold, for instance, but could also run on Unix lisps as
    long as all font changes were adjacent to whitespace or in
    comments. Preserving this functionality is probably no
    longer important.

  • Robert P. Goldman

    Logged In: YES

    Thanks for the information. The point about the ^F is very
    interesting. Any chance of having that info appear in the

  • Bob Rogers

    Bob Rogers - 2002-08-31

    Logged In: YES

    That's a good idea, assuming it doesn't get flushed
    altogether. (I'm currently working on a major rewrite of
    this code.)


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