cielab to srgb conversion

  • njfranck

    njfranck - 2011-07-08

    I've being trying to play with color spaces in kakadu (and it is pretty

    Here was my command:
    kdu_compress -i lena512color_cie.tif Stiles='{256,256}' Clevels=8 Clayers=8
    -rate 24 Corder=RPCL -jpx_space CIELab -no_weights -o cielab.jpx



    That last image has really strange colors ;-)

    although also uses the color-transformations, the color profile is only
    recognized in and applied.
    The logfile only reports color conversion in the case of JTL.

    First I thought that the color-transformations to srgb was done automatically
    by the core of kakadu, but the
    difference between kdu_render and kdu_expand shows that color information must
    be supplied to the
    decoder.. (I looked in the code of kdu_expand.cpp for information ;-)).
    Otherwise everything is treated as RGB,
    I think.

    It's pretty confusing of what kakadu does in fact with the colorspace
    information: does it use it only when decoding
    to other formats, so leaving the source color space intact?

    thanks in advance

  • Ruven

    Ruven - 2011-07-13

    I've had a look and it seems that Kakadu will convert automatically to sRGB,
    which means that the JTL command is doing a conversion on an already converted
    image. The Kakadu CVT code does not in fact do any CIELAB conversion. I guess
    a simple solution would be to force the colourspace variable to sRGB in the
    loadImageInfo() function in for CIELAB images.

    I'll put a more generic fix in SVN later.

  • Ruven

    Ruven - 2011-07-22

    OK, I've updated the code in SVN to now correctly handle CIELAB to sRGB
    conversion for JPEG2000. 16bit JPEG2000 is also now handled.



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