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First of all thanks for developing this project as it has been extremely useful. I have been using it for connecting to the Ericsson FMC and the Huawei BSC M2000. Both devices implement the 3GPP standard for Corba.

The Ericsson FMC device has, as standard, the port on 49254. When I used the library to connect to it I got an exception because the variable to store the port in the InternetIiopProfile class is a short. I have changed the short definition from 'short' to 'ushort' to make it work as IP Ports go up to 65535. I made this change in the following files:

- IOR.cs. Lines: 442, 447, 509 & 900
- CorbaInit.cs. Lines: 154
- GiopMessageHandler.cs. lines: 839
- IORUtil.cs. Lines: 288
- Corbaloc.cs. Lines: 310
- IIOPChannel.cs: Lines: 1568

With these changes, the code compiles and I can connect to the device and do all the required tasks. I haven't performed all the unit tests that you have.

I am not familiar with the way you work in Sourceforge neither I am familiar with the Testing procedures that you follow in this project. Currently I am in the middle of a major delivery so I cannot take some time to learn it. I don't know if you are going to take this into consideration and perform the modifications and the tests or I have to come back with a fully tested solution. Please let me know if you want my input and I will learn the testing methodology and fix this problem as soon as I have some time.

Thanks and regards,


  • Alexander Kornienko

    Hi Rafael,

    What version of IIOPNet are you using? I've tried to reproduce the issue on several last revisions from svn and everything worked fine.
    May be you should try to build iiopnet from last svn revision and try to run your application with it. If this doesn't solve the problem, could you post a simple test code to reproduce it?


  • Alexander Kornienko

    Hi Rafael,

    I finally figured out why you encounter this problem. You probably compile IIOPNet with /checked+ csc option (or maybe it's set in project file for VS2008). So I made some changes to fix the problem and allow compilation with checked+. I would, however suggest you to use Makefiles or VS2010 solution to build IIOPNet, and to compile it without overflow checks.


  • Alexander Kornienko

    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Rafael Borrell

    Rafael Borrell - 2011-04-26

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for looking at this issue. I just tested and you were totally right, after compiling without checked+ csc option, and reverting the code back to what it was before my changes, it worked perfectly.

    In any case I am going to download the latest version. I was working with a version downloaded 3 weeks ago.



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