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Your opinions are wanted!

Please go to the forums and voice your opinion on how often you'd like to see IIM released. Quartely, monthly, weekly or soemthing else?

Posted by Craig Woodward 2004-12-25

New Release is up, looking for testers

Hi Folks,
Sorry for the long delay in getting a release up, but one of our testers passed on.

The new release has some cool features like sound, and also an auto-away feature that detects if your workstation is locked or if you have a screen saver running.

If you or anyone you know has Windows NT and is willng do to some testing for us please let me know.


Posted by Craig Woodward 2004-12-12

Webpage update

Work has been progressing on IIM quite well. There's just one problem I want to get fixed before release the next version. Mean while I took a break from beating my head against the wall and updated the website. I added a 'recipes' section where I outline a lot of the code that I find to be of particular interest and that was for the most part the hardest to get working.... read more

Posted by Craig Woodward 2004-12-05

New Webpage is up

Well a new webpage for IIM is up at

Go check it out and drop me a line with any comments.

Posted by Craig Woodward 2004-10-26

Big Changes in the New release

Well the new release is up, and it involves some pretty big changes in the way users are tracked. In fact the old friends.xml and 'username'.xml are no longer valid and should be deleted. As I write this I think I'll have to add some sort of versioning in the config files to avoid this type of thing in the future.

The beta testers have reported much improved stability, infact they are having a hard time getting it to crash, which is nice!... read more

Posted by Craig Woodward 2004-10-24

Progress is an amazing thing

Well my development machine is up and running and I got the changes (the ones that I thought would take weeks), pretty much done. I have some private testers working with it right now and so far so good they tell me. And apparently the stability has increased a great deal.

The problem of weird results when searching for peers got a big help today from a user sending in his logs, so hopefully I can learn how to do some .Net Marshalling of threads and get that problem solved. The replies are coming back too quickly and the event handler is tripping over it'self trying to handle the incoming requests, so I will have to put some sort of blocking call in there to sort things out.

Posted by Craig Woodward 2004-10-15

New RElease is up. next release won't be for a few weeks

Hi Folks, the new release is up, Hopefully it should improve the stability of IIM a great deal.

The next re;lease will be a big change to the way IIM tracks users. It should take a couple of weeks, first off I need to install VS .Net on my new machine.

Posted by Craig Woodward 2004-10-12

Release is coming this weekend

Hi Folks,

A new release is coming up this weekend, quite a few bug fixes, most notably the run away .Net memory phantom has been tamed, it no longer shows as using 30-170 megs of memory. It never really was, it turns out that .net over allocates memory at a ferocious rate.

Once this release is up, IIM will be undergoing a major overhaul in how it tracks peers and there won't be any new releases for a few weeks while i get it all going. And once the new one is released it will no longer be compatible with the older clients.

Posted by Craig Woodward 2004-10-07

New Release is up!

Well the new release is up, nearly a month, sorry folks, this one is mostly bug fixes with very minor features, tools tips on the friends list to give you some information about your friends.

Posted by Craig Woodward 2004-09-27

Release coming this week.

Hi folks,
Sorry for the lack of releases lately, but my wife is letting me work IIM again so there will be a release this weekend.
It will likely be just bug fixes and some small additions. The next big thing is to implement file transfer, look forthat in a few weeks!

Posted by Craig Woodward 2004-09-23

No release this week

I haven't had much time this week to develop anything new, there were just a couple of bug fixes and a re-write of the mouse tracking sub system, the other was too clunky and prone to error. See you next Sunday! Remember if you have any bugs, send'em in!

Posted by Craig Woodward 2004-08-30

New Release is up!

There have been a LOT of fixes in this version. Go and get it, the stability has been improved by great leaps and bounds.

Here are the release notes:

/******New Additions******\

-- Added Logging to IIM so when it breaks we can see why. Send your logs to
'ctwoodward at'

-- Added a refresh button to the IIMDock so you can get the current status of
your friends, an unfortunate neccesity since with multi-way chats IIM can
error out and not send an offline notification.... read more

Posted by Craig Woodward 2004-08-23

.Net Framework 1.1 required

Some fo teh testers are reporting teh IIM blows up when it starts, but they are running 1.0 of the .nte frame work.

Please ensure that you have version 1.1 of the frame work availible here:

Thanks and happy IIMing!

Posted by Craig Woodward 2004-08-21

Opinions wanted!

go check out the open discussion forum, tell me ow you want IIM to evolve!

Posted by Craig Woodward 2004-08-20

Bugs have been found

Well I've been getting some emails and it looks like there are a few bugs to be fixed with teh multiway chats. These should be mostly corrected in the August 22nd release.

If you've found any problems, please email them in or submit them in the forums here and I will fix them!

Posted by Craig Woodward 2004-08-20

First Release is up

Go get it! Use it, enjoy it, break it and let me know how!

A of screen shots are availble here:

Posted by Craig Woodward 2004-08-15

First release is due August 15th

The release has proven stable and source code comments are being cleaned up, it will be released on Sunday August 15th.

This release will include:
Basic two way and multiway conversations.
Basic 'Rich Text' support.
Contact Discovery via broadcast

IIM is still looking for An Advanced GUI programmer to help flesh out the existing capabilities as well as develop new toys!.

Posted by Craig Woodward 2004-08-13

First release put on hold

The first release of IIM source has been put on hold for the moment. The testers that I have at the moment are really asking for multi-user chat, so I'm going back to the planning stage to re-build the platform from scratch to accomodate for Multi-user conversations. The first release will likely be delayed until August 13th.

If there are any experience C# GUI programmers out there who want to write the front end, please let me know. ListViews, RichTextBoxes and other things give me headaches.

Posted by Craig Woodward 2004-08-04

First release is nearly done

The first release is nearly done, it's pretty basic right now, you can have multiple conversations going concurrently, and the online/offline notification works.

I'll be commenting the code and putting the release up soon.

Next to come is file transfer.

If there are any C# GUI guru's out there who can lend a hand or just some expertise it'd be greatly appreciated. The things I'm looking for information on are:... read more

Posted by Craig Woodward 2004-07-29

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