#3 Config change with no restart


It would be very good if we could reload the config "on the fly" so that downstream interfaces can be added and/or removed without having to restart the engine.

The reason for this request is that a restart of the proxy will interrupt the forwarding for existing downstream connections when a new is added.


  • Constantin Baranov

    This certainly can be implemented. We should refresh state when a user
    sends signal or when network gets reconfigured (failure on sending packet).
    Refreshing means reloading config and discarding all active routes
    which conflict with new state.
    As usually, patches are welcome :-)

  • Martin Djernaes

    Martin Djernaes - 2009-09-28


    I don't know if you send me a private mail as I think SF mails were going to the bitbucket. I'm going to need this, or similar functionallity, and if you do have any ideas / advice for me I'll be happy to hear. You can mail me here or at martin "the char you know" djernaes "the other char" dk


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    Anonymous - 2012-09-19

    I've upload a patch to detect interface status and change the VIF on the fly. It's work fine with PPP connect. I think the upstream change will not need keep any multicast route. Maybe detect downstream change can match your request.


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