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IExtract version 0.9.30 released

Adapted to support libYGP 0.9.30

Posted by Markus Schwab 2009-11-17

IExtract version 0.9.20 released

This release adds listing the supported file types

Posted by Markus Schwab 2009-05-18

IExtract version 0.9.11 released

This is a maintenance-release which changes the contact address and fixes some minor issues within the help-texts

Posted by Markus Schwab 2009-02-03

IExtract version 0.9.10 released

This versions handles Office Open XML (OOXML) documents (if zlib is installed). Needs libYGP V0.9.10.

Posted by Markus Schwab 2008-08-26

IExtract version 0.9.03 released

This is a maintenance-release; the package can now be compiled with GCC 4.3. Furthermore it is put under the GPL V3.

Posted by Markus Schwab 2008-06-11

Windows-version of IExtract-0.9.02 released

A cross-compiled Win32-executable of V0.9.02. This is totally unsupported and untested!

Posted by Markus Schwab 2008-05-26

IExtract version 0.9.02 released

This is a maintenance-release fixing two bugs parsing PDF-files.

Posted by Markus Schwab 2007-10-29

IExtract version 0.9.01 released

This is a maintenance-release which Enables the compilation under x86_64 and fixes minor issues in the documentation.

Posted by Markus Schwab 2007-03-08

IExtract version 0.9.00 released

This release supports plug-ins to handle further type of documents

Posted by Markus Schwab 2007-01-30

IExtract version 0.8.11 released

Maintenance-release fixing a trap when passing an invalid argument to the -M option and being based on actualised automake/autoconf versions

Posted by Markus Schwab 2006-10-01

IExtract version 0.8.10 released

The type of the files can be determined by the extension (ignoring the case). This value can also be read from the INI-file.

Fixes and optimisations.

Posted by Markus Schwab 2006-08-02

IExtract version 0.8.00 released

This release enables to check for the file-type by its content. Furthermore improved parsing Star- and OpenOffice documents as MP3 files

Posted by Markus Schwab 2006-07-22

IExtract version 0.7.14 released

Maintenance-release; Fixed parsing OGG-files

Posted by Markus Schwab 2006-07-12

IExtract version 0.7.13 released

Mainteneance-release; adapted to the changes in libYGP 0.8.00

Posted by Markus Schwab 2006-06-08

IExtract version 0.7.12 released

Maintenance release; Fixes an error parsing very large PDF-files and the compilation when libintl is not installed.

Posted by Markus Schwab 2006-04-20

IExtract version 0.7.11 released

Maintenance-release: Option -X has been changed to skip all unknown extensions; Fixed compile-warnings when compiling with GCC 4.1

Posted by Markus Schwab 2006-04-03

IExtract version 0.7.10 released

This versions enables to specify the supported file-types at the configure-process

Posted by Markus Schwab 2006-03-09

IExtract version 0.7.01 released

This is a maintenance release; Fixed an issue when compiling with some compilers/compiler options.

Posted by Markus Schwab 2005-12-22

IExtract version 0.7.00 released

The parsing of MS Office documents and JPEG files has been rewritten (now with knowledge about those formats).

This dramatically speeds up handling MS Office documents (and also elimantes the chance of confusing contents with comments)

Posted by Markus Schwab 2005-12-13

IExtract version 0.6.40 released

This release adds the ability to extract the comments from GIF images.

Posted by Markus Schwab 2005-11-28

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