#82 Unable to see Recent Files submenu when "File" menu teared


Using IDLE version 1.0, if you 'tear off' the File menu you
are unable to see the Recent Files submenu.


1. Tear off the File Menu, this is done by clicking the
dotted line.

2. On the teared off menu, highlight "Recent Files" with
the mouse.

Observe you are unable to see the sub menu.

This has been reproduced/seen on Windows 2000/XP.



  • Kurt B. Kaiser

    Kurt B. Kaiser - 2003-09-05

    Logged In: YES

    On XP:
    If you tear off the menu and highlight Recent Files,
    the submenu doesn't drop down, just as OP claims.
    But if you then click on Recent Files, the submenu
    appears, and can be torn off.

    A more serious issue is that if you click again, the
    submenu disappears (as expected) but you can't
    open it again without clicking somewhere else on
    the torn-off menu first.

    On Linux the drop down doesn't appear on mouse-
    over, you have to click. And clicking again on
    Recent Files doesn't close the submenu, you have
    to click elsewhere or hit esc twice, closing both
    the submenu and the Files menu. If the Files menu
    is torn off, esc does nothing.

    I claim that these are (minor) Tk issues, possibly tkinter.
    Lowering priority. Someone needs to do a cutdown to
    resolve where the problem lies.

  • Kurt B. Kaiser

    Kurt B. Kaiser - 2003-09-05
    • priority: 5 --> 2
  • Kurt B. Kaiser

    Kurt B. Kaiser - 2003-12-04
    • priority: 2 --> 3
  • Kurt B. Kaiser

    Kurt B. Kaiser - 2003-12-04

    Logged In: YES

    If not torn off, Recent Files window appears on all desktops
    (OpenBSD/Ion, Linux/Enlightenment) and if torn off, it doesn't
    have that problem but the window has no name.


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