#40 Stops working when displaying huge lists


I tried out 0.9a1 on a sieve based prime number script
I had. It starts by creating a list of odd numbers
below 10 million.

primes = range(1, 10000000, 2)

If I turn on Locals in the debug control window, it
locks up trying to display the huge list. If I don't
turn on Locals, it steps and debugs fine. If change the
list size to 100, the Locals display works fine too.

Seeing as only the first and last few items on long
lists are displayed, I don't see why a huge list should
take longer to display than a merely large list.

Is there a way to display the middle values in the
list? I'm thinking of some sort of eval where
"primes[37]" could be displayed while stopped at a

Is there a way to change a variable while at a
breakpoint? That's a basic function of almost any debugger.

Maybe these are beyond the scope of Idle. For
comparison with another free IDE, the debugger in
PythonWin has the eval style window and displays all
the list entries, but doesn't have a way to change
variables. It locks on the huge list, but that's
understandable, because it tries to display the entire

Patrick Ellis


  • Kurt B. Kaiser

    Kurt B. Kaiser - 2003-01-05
    • priority: 5 --> 2
    • status: open --> open-accepted
  • Kurt B. Kaiser

    Kurt B. Kaiser - 2003-01-05

    Logged In: YES

    Ability to eval expressions during debugging and
    to change variables are planned enhancements.
    However, your entering an RFE would be
    appreciated. The locking on a large list is a
    bug, but not high priority.


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