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Id3lib 3.8.3 release.

Allthough no major changes, this new release is mostly recommended for everybody. It has a number of bugfixes important enough that i even write this news item :-)

Posted by T.H.F. Klok 2003-03-02

3.8.0 stable released

Finally, after two years, there is a new version: 3.8.0.

Posted by T.H.F. Klok 2002-08-10

new devel release/new feature

I've added a new feature, (and released a new development release because of it)
This feature get's the mp3's header information like bitrate, layer, mpegversion etc.
If the mp3 has a crc, it will also check if the crc's okay.

As an example, you could run (after build) the command:
examples/id3info examples/crc53865.mp3

It should get this info:
MPEG1/layer III
Bitrate: 224KBps
Frequency: 44KHz

(the sourcefile doing this is examples/demo_info.cpp, routine 'main')... read more

Posted by T.H.F. Klok 2002-07-23

id3lib - new release

My girlfriend left me, my plants died, my cat has disappeared, i haven't seen the sun in a long while, but it's there:
id3lib-3.8pre3, (or secretly called "release candidate 1" )
ready to download. I hope it's as stable as i think it is, if not, well then another release :-) As they say: Release early,
release often. Any comments are welcome, i'm sure you know your way to the bugs, patches and support trackers.... read more

Posted by T.H.F. Klok 2002-07-08

release candidate 1 almost ready

Everything is checked in now, what should become "pre3", or "release candidate 1" as I prefer to call it.
I am not sure when the nightly tar.gz is being made, but within a few hours you should be able to download the latest of the
latest, with lesser and lesser bugs here:

There will be some minor updates on the source in the next few days, (mainly in the examples section) but mostly: this is it.
:-)... read more

Posted by T.H.F. Klok 2002-07-07

CVS sources heavily renewed

In CVS is the release candidate for version 3.8.0.
It behaves quite good. It supports an additional number of platforms. (tested) Tomorrow will be spend as well on bugfixes, and so i have good hopes of releasing "release candidate 1 of 3.8.0" in the weekend.

(thijmen at

Posted by T.H.F. Klok 2002-06-27

3.8.0pre2 released

3.8.0pre2 is a snapshot of the current CVS version. It is not really "release" quality, but should at least compile for most people.

Posted by Cedric Tefft 2001-09-09

id3lib 3.7.12 now available

We've skipped a few releases in these announcements... id3lib 3.7.12 is now available. It mostly removes some debugging output left over in 3.7.11. But I added a couple improvements to spice it up a bit, too. Enjoy.


Posted by shaug 2000-07-08

id3lib 3.7.9 available

id3lib 3.7.9 is now available for download in all its myriad forms. See for the release history.


Posted by shaug 2000-05-31

Windows Binaries for 3.7.8 available

I've made available windows binaries (id3com.dll, id3lib.dll, id3lib.lib) for version 3.7.8. Please see the release notes for more information about these files.


Posted by shaug 2000-05-23

id3lib 3.7.8 available

New release! id3lib 3.7.7 had a big problem, so it didn't last long enough to get its own announcement. 3.7.8, however, looks pretty stable. See the release notes and download the files from the link below.


Posted by shaug 2000-05-18

id3lib 3.7.6 available

New bugfixes, new features, newly deprecated methods. See the Changelog for more details.


Posted by shaug 2000-05-04 works!

As many of you may know, MusicMatch was the previous project maintainer of id3lib (then spelled ID3Lib). They also owned (and still own) the domain name. After communicating with them, they have kindly agreed to redirect to point to the current web page for id3lib. So now you don't have to type in so much to keep up with current id3lib development!

Go ahead, give it a try: ... read more

Posted by shaug 2000-05-02

id3lib 3.7.5 available

id3lib 3.7.5, including the full array of source code, binaries, rpm's, examples, and documentation, is now available for download. It is mostly a bugfix release, but does feature brand-spankin' new Lyrics3 1.0 parsing support. Be sure to read the release notes for more information.

Posted by shaug 2000-04-29

id3lib 3.7.4 available

New bugfixes, new features, newly fixed windos project files, newly deprecated methods. It's all there. Check it out at the download section.


Posted by shaug 2000-04-27

A working C interface in 3.7.2

For all you C developers, version 3.7.2 has a working C interface for both unix and windows. To see an example of how it works, download it and check out the file examples/demo_simple.c. It isn't much, but it should get you started. The download page has all that you might need:

Posted by shaug 2000-04-22

Version 3.7.1 released

Read the Release Notes here:

There are a plethora of options available for download: tarball, windows zip file, and rpms for the library, the devel package, the source, the docs, and the binary example apps.



Posted by shaug 2000-04-20

New survey!

I want to find out which platforms folks expect to be using with id3lib, so I created a simple survey to gather this information. Please, go fill it out; it shouldn't take more than a few seconds...



Posted by shaug 2000-04-18

RPMs galore!

Posted by shaug 2000-04-18

Updated documentation

The API documentation for id3lib 3.7.0 is available in several formats. You can access the API online at the following URL:

Or you can peruse the documentation offline in either gzipped postscript or pdf formats:

The html format is distributed with the main release, as is the latex source code that created the other two formats.... read more

Posted by shaug 2000-04-17

Major homepage updates!

We've made major updates to the id3lib homepage. Please check it out and post any comments you might have.

Posted by shaug 2000-04-17

Version 3.7.0 released!

The first official version of id3lib since 3.05a (Nov 1998!) has been released. You can download the unix/linux and windows source from the following two URLs, respectively:

For more information, please see the release notes at

Posted by shaug 2000-04-17

New beta release for 2000-04-13

Snapshot of id3lib for 2000-04-13.

New for this snapshot:

+ bugfix for Linked Information frame (thanks Severino!)

Posted by shaug 2000-04-14

Updated beta release

Snapshot of id3lib for 2000-04-12.

New for this snapshot:

+ included John Adcock's ID3Com and LibPrj files for creating COM wrapper and lib files in Windows

Posted by shaug 2000-04-13

New beta release for 2000-04-10

Snapshot of id3lib for 2000-04-10.

New for this snapshot:

+ General bugfixes
+ Windows compilation improvements
+ Documentation updates for use with doxygen

Posted by shaug 2000-04-11

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