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iCopy 1.6.3

Here is a new version of iCopy, which includes a number of bug fixes and stability improvements:

  • ADD: Added /quality command line parameter to adjust JPEG quality [bug 289]
  • FIX: Fixed a problem that may result in corrupt PDF [bug 298]
  • FIX: Fixed a problem with the acquisition area in command line mode [bug 284], [bug 302]
  • FIX: Handling of 0x80210008 WIA_ERROR_USER_INTERVENTION [bug 270]
  • FIX: Fixed a problem with settings when computer name starts with a number [bug 253]
  • FIX: If folder output is given in command line mode, save directly without asking [bug 285]
  • FIX: Paper size changed when going to printer settings with some printers [bug 277]
  • CHANGED: Default resolution brought to 300 DPI, and default settings are now tweakable [bug 278]... read more
Posted by Matteo Rossi 2016-04-14

iCopy 1.6.2 released!

After more than a year, here is another maintenance release of iCopy! This updated version contains fixes and tweaks including:

  • FIX: Problem with PDF file structure [Bug #261]
  • FIX: Focus stealing problem with the dialog windows [Bug #266]
  • FIX: Fix exception in settings dialog [Bug #258]
  • FIX: Fix error while copying from command line [Bug #260]
  • FIX: It is now possible to output /multiplepages to /pdf with command line
  • FIX: Better handling of command line parameters
  • FIX: Updated font to Windows standard Segoe UI font... read more
Posted by Matteo Rossi 2014-10-22

Updated translations for iCopy 1.6

Thanks to some really cool users of iCopy who have spent some of their time with the translations, I added four language files for version 1.6. We have a brand new Greek translation, and updated German, Traditional Chinese and PRC Chinese.

The language files are available for download at the following link on Sourceforge:


To use them, extract the content of the .zip file to iCopy folder (overwrite if necessary), then launch iCopy and click on Settings. Choose the language and restart! Et voilà! ... read more

Posted by Matteo Rossi 2012-11-29

iCopy 1.6 released

This new major release of iCopy features the creation of PDF files from the scanner without the need for any external PDF Printer. Along with this new function, I changed the interface a little. Below the Copy button there are three buttons that specify the acquisition mode: the one on the left enables multipage acquisition, the one in the middle saves the acquired pages to an image file while the one on the left is for exporting to PDF. Obviously, with the multipage option enabled and/or the ADF selected, a single multipage PDF will be created.
With iCopy 1.6 you can also specify a default path for image files or PDF files and you can decide to automatically open a file after acquisition.
Another improvemed regards image centering, with both the PDF or Printer mode.
Portable and installer version are avaiable for download here:... read more

Posted by Matteo Rossi 2012-10-21

iCopy 1.6 beta 2 released

The binary and installer for version 1.6 beta 2 are available for download here


1.6 beta 2

  • IMPROVED: PDF creation
  • FIX: With some scanners (eg. some Canon MX multifunction printers) the acquired image is not centered in the created PDF [#213]
  • FIX: Unhandled exception when using command line arguments
  • FIX: Other bug fix and overall code improvement
Posted by Matteo Rossi 2012-10-01 Labels: release beta

iCopy 1.5.0 Released!

iCopy 1.5 adds some important features, but the most important one is, for sure, Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) support! If you check the corresponding option in the main window, the scanner will be used in ADF mode and all the pages in the feeder will be acquired and sent to the printer (or saved to file).
I wish to thank all the iCopy users that helped me with testing this new feature with their scanner. Unfortunately, I haven’t received enough feedback for the duplex function, so it is not included in this release.
Here’s a list of the most important changes:... read more

Posted by Matteo Rossi 2012-02-18

iCopy 1.50 beta 3

This is the third beta of version 1.5. I marked it as a beta because I haven’t received enough feedback on the ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) support yet, but it should be perfect for everyday use, so I encourage everyone to try it. Here’s the download link:


You can extract the content of the archive in your current installation folder. In case of problems, please delete the iCopy.settings file.
Main changes in this version:
Improved ADF support with some scanners
Fixed ArgumentException during acquisition with some scanners
Fixed crash on load when the default scanner is no more connected to the computer (or moved to another USB port)
* Improved logging... read more

Posted by Matteo Rossi 2012-01-24

iCopy 1.50 beta 2

Dear users,

I uploaded a second beta version which should improve ADF support. I wish to thank the user cmumathwhiz who helped me a lot with the tests. Please download it here:


You simply need to replace the files in your existing directory with the ones in the archive. Please report any problems you run into on the bug tracker... read more

Posted by Matteo Rossi 2011-11-01

iCopy 1.50 beta

Dear users, I’m working on the new version of iCopy and made a lot of changes under the hood, so I decided to upload a beta version to have some feedback by you. I need your help in testing the new features, which include
A first attempt with ADF acquisiton (at last!!!)
Deep changes in the way iCopy handles the scanner (should fix many errors that were reported)
Better and more flexible command line parameters (read the README.txt file for information, or type “icopy.exe /?” in a command prompt)
New version check (simply reads a string on the website, no personal information is sent anywhere)... read more

Posted by Matteo Rossi 2011-10-20

iCopy 1.49 Hotfix

This hotfix is intended for people experiencing crashes with certain brightness/contrast parameters. Extract the files in the archive to your iCopy folder (usually C:\Program Files\iCopy) and replace the existing ones.

Download link: http://sourceforge.net/projects/icopy/files/iCopy/1.49/iCopy1.49hotfix.zip/download

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Posted by Matteo Rossi 2011-06-02

iCopy 1.49 Released!

iCopy Free Photocopier 1.49 is a maintenance release which fixes some bugs and crashes that occur on some machines. In particular, I would like to thank the user D. Forester for his fix to a very common problem that affected the previous versions of iCopy on certain system: iCopy crashed when performing a second scan. Please try this version and report any problems you find.

You can download the new version in the download page.... read more

Posted by Matteo Rossi 2011-05-24

Traditional Chinese translation added

I added the Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) translation.

It is available for download here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/icopy/files/Language%20files/1.4x/zh-TW.zip/download

Download the file and extract the content into icopy folder, then restart iCopy and set the language in the settings.

I wish to thank the user who sent me these translation. Thank you all for your support! Stay tuned for iCopy 2.0!

Posted by Matteo Rossi 2011-01-13

iCopy 1.48 released!

iCopy Free Photocopier 1.48 brings some small bugfixes to improve stability and performance while version 2 is under development (finally with TWAIN support!). The most important bugfix is the one related to a bit depth problem on some scanners (thanks to Valerio for his report).

Here is the list of the changes:

  • ADD: Possibility to choose the bit depth of the acquired page. This feature should be used only if the page is not acquired correctly.
  • FIX: Fixed a bug that prevented iCopy to save settings if the directory is protected (default behavior in Vista and 7). If iCopy does not have permissions to write in its execution directory, the file will be saved in the user’s settings directory (eg C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\iCopy).
  • FIX: Fixed a bug that occurs with some Canon scanners on Windows XP. The acquired page has wrong colors.
  • FIX: Fixed some problems with the Settings dialog
  • FIX: Other bugfixes and code optimizations.
Posted by Matteo Rossi 2010-01-07

iCopy 1.47

iCopy 1.47 brings a lot of fixes to exceptions reported by users (see changelog below) and should definitely solve the problem with WIA Automation Layer. Other code optimizations should reduce memory consumption and improve overall performance.


  • ADD: New -diag command line parameter to diagnose scanner information
  • FIX: COMException on scanner selection due to problems in scanner driver won't make iCopy crash
  • FIX: FileIOException on startup due to bad registration of wiaaut.dll is properly handled
  • FIX: Fixed ArgumentException when scanning second time
  • FIX: iCopy now correctly registers WIA Automation Layer with Vista and 7's UAC
  • FIX: Better JPEG compression performance
  • FIX: Memory consumption after acquisition has been reduced
  • FIX: Other minor bugfixes and code improvements
Posted by Matteo Rossi 2009-09-24

iCopy 1.46 Released!

iCopy 1.46 adds the possibility to choose the quality of the output JPEG image when saving to file using jpg format.

A new slider has been added in the Image settings window to chose a level of quality between 1 and 10. 10 corresponds to the maximum quality and the maximum file size.

* ADD: JPEG Quality selection
* FIX: iCopy.exe still running when closing the application
* FIX: Improved startup performance in some cases
* FIX: Exception when scanner is offline
* FIX: InvalidOperationException when closing iCopy
* FIX: Installer displaying in italian
* FIX: Invalid resolutions when using a different scanner
* FIX: Other minor bugfixes and code improvements

Posted by Matteo Rossi 2009-07-05

iCopy 1.45 Released!!!!

This new version includes many bug fixes and improvements in interface, performance and functionality. Thanks to FNW for his help!!!

- CHANGED: Settings are now saved in iCopy directory instead of Users AppData folder
- CHANGED: Error reporting functionality improved
- FIX: Only part of the scanner bed area is acquired with some scanners (eg. Canon CanoScan LiDE 100, Canon CanoScan LiDE 600F, HP OfficeJet J4680)
- FIX: An exception could be thrown then scanner is busy
- FIX: Not all values set in enlargment textbox were accepted
- FIX: Less alarming message when no scanner is connected
- FIX: Small GUI refinements to make all languages appear correctly
- FIX: Other minor bugfixes and code improvements

Posted by Matteo Rossi 2009-06-07

iCopy 1.44 Released

Run iCopy directly by pressing your scanner button!! (Installer version only)

This release includes a number of other code optimizations and bugfixes

Posted by Matteo Rossi 2008-12-25

iCopy -Simple photocopier 1.43 released!

New version that corrects many bugs and includes different code optimizations.

Available for download in the download page.


  • ADD: Error reporting functionality
  • FIX: ArgumentException when clicking Copy
  • FIX: Possible UnhandledException when changing resolution
  • FIX: [BUG 1977329] Unhandled exception when closing Image Setting windows
  • FIX: Possible NullReferenceException when closing iCopy
  • FIX: Other code optimizations and bugfixes
  • Moved bug tracker to Launchpad: http://bugs.launchpad.net/icopy
Posted by Matteo Rossi 2008-08-27

iCopy - Simple photocopier 1.42 Released!

New maintenance release which includes bugfixes, optimizations and support for command line parameters.

- NEW: Command line parameters
- FIX: wiaaut.dll should now be registered properly
- FIX: PaperSize is saved correctly
- FIX: Scan To File dialog not showing images in current folder
- FIX: When scanning directly on iCopy startup, max resolution is used
- FIX: Error on second acquisition should be fixed, but I couldn't reproduce it on my computer
- FIX: Other code optimizations and bugfixes

Posted by Matteo Rossi 2008-04-27

iCopy - Simple photocopier: 1.41 released!

iCopy lets you combine your scanner and printer into a powerful, but easy to use photocopier by only pressing a button. Its simple user interface lets you manage scanner and printer options, like brightness, contrast, number of copies with a few clicks.

This version fixes a bunch of issues with previous versions (see changelog).

Please note that you can use 1.4 language files.

== 1.41 ==
- FIX: Possible ThreadStateException on startup
- FIX: Comboboxes are now not editable
- FIX: Low quality printed images and/or incorrect scaling
- FIX: Now only available resolutions are shown in Quality combo box
- FIX: ArgumentException when making a copy
- FIX: Max resolution cropped at 2000 DPI to prevent various problems (higher resolutions are useless for iCopy purpose)
- FIX: Other code optimizations and bugfixes... read more

Posted by Matteo Rossi 2008-01-09

iCopy - Simple photocopier 1.4 released!

In this new major release you can find:

NEW Option to Buffer Multiple Pages before printing.
(You can use find this mode under Other Modes > Scan Multiple Images, or pressing CTRL + M).
Now quality can be set in DPI and print paper size selection can be chosen in the main window.

As always, many bugfixes and code optimizations.

Posted by Matteo Rossi 2007-12-11

iCopy - Simple photocopier: 1.31 Released!

iCopy lets you use your scanner and printer as a photocopier by only pressing a button. You can modify scanner and printer settings, like brightness and contrast, scanning mode and quality, and number of copies.

New version 1.31 released! Many bugfixes and improvements. Please stay tuned on iCopy 1.4, new functions are coming!

- ADD: Now files can be saved in JPG, GIF, BMP and PNG
- ADD: Restore default settings
- ADD: BAT File to register wiaaut.dll (to be tested)
- FIX: When clicking on settings just after program start, not all the available languages are shown
- FIX: [BUG 1811189] Now preview works with scan to file
- FIX: [BUG 1803807] Exception may be thrown in certain conditions when changing image quality
- FIX: [BUG 1802415] Sometimes an enlarged image is printed
- FIX: When Scanning to file, the file may be corrupt
- FIX: Blank Message box when scanner is used by another application

Posted by Matteo Rossi 2007-10-17

iCopy 1.3 released!

iCopy lets you use your scanner and printer as a photocopier by only pressing a button. You can modify scanner and printer settings, like brightness and contrast, scanning mode and quality, and number of copies.

This new major release adds some new features:
- many changes to the inteface (option dialog, image settings are on a separte window, window position can now be stored for next program restart ecc)
- new scaling by percentage feature (of course it can be improved, so please tell me your suggestions!)
- many bug fixes

Posted by Matteo Rossi 2007-09-21

iCopy 1.23 released!

New scan to file function and other small fixes. Now installer should work properly.

== 1.23 ==
- ADD: Scan to file function
- FIX: WIA COM Error. Now wiaaut.dll is automatically registered

== 1.22 ==
- ADD: Better preview feature
- ADD: MSI Installer Setup
- FIX: Now image is not stretched to fit page
- FIX: COM exception 0x80040154 now handled
- FIX: Scanner disconnection now detected
- FIX: Some fixes in exception handling on startup

Posted by Matteo Rossi 2007-08-27

iCopy 1.22 released!

Some small changes and bugfixes. I also wrote a new MSI Setup which should fix the problems of the past one. Please have a try.


== 1.22 ==
- ADD: Better preview feature
- ADD: MSI Installer Setup
- FIX: Now image is not stretched to fit page
- FIX: COM exception 0x80040154 now handled
- FIX: Scanner disconnection now detected
- FIX: Some fixes in exception handling on startup

Posted by Matteo Rossi 2007-08-23

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