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ICI version 4.1 release


I have made a new releases of ICI. Both the ICI core, and the
extension modules. Both are version 4.1.0. The releases are
at SourceForge as usual:


This is a beta release.

This release includes the first update of the extension modules
for a long time. A group have been brought up-to-date with respect
to the core, and a new 'configure' script should build
and install them for most platforms (but so far, only
tested under Windows, Linux, and Cygwin). There is
a man page (HTML under Windows) for each. I wouldn't call
any of the extension modules extensively tested yet.... read more

Posted by Tim Long 2003-04-22

First non-beta release of ICI 4

Well, I've finally got ICI version 4 into a state that
I think can be called released.

It's taken ages because I wanted to get the C API into
to a position where it would be stable for a long time
to come. Both at the source and binary level. (There's
a bit of editing required to upgrade from 3 to 4.
I wanted to make sure it didn't need to happen again.)

Most of the interesting changes I've mailed out about
before. If you read through the sample programs in the
updated manual you'll see a few even newer things.... read more

Posted by Tim Long 2003-01-13

ici extension modules now in CVS

The module collection is now in the SourceForge CVS repository. Checkout the ici-modules module
as you would ici.

Posted by Andy Newman 2000-04-19

ici modules upload soon to occur

The files are on SourceForge and awaiting installation
by the SF admins. When this occurs more news
will be posted.

Posted by Andy Newman 2000-04-17

ici cvs repository on-line

The upload of the ici cvs repository has occurred
and development now centered around SourceForge.
An initial release has been done and all systems
are go.

Posted by Andy Newman 2000-04-17

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