#11 xmms doesn't stay on top


i have "awlays visible" option enabled in xmms options
and no special options for xmms in icewm's winoptions.
if i start xmms it doesn't stay on top, but if I do C-A
C-A (disbale "on top" option and re-enable it) xmms
starts to behave as expected.
this is with icewm 1.2.14 and xmms 1.2.10.
Also "Show on all desktops" xmms option is ignored, it
is visible only on original desktop.
I guess it may be because some window hints get ignored
on window's initial mapping.


  • Marko Macek

    Marko Macek - 2004-07-20
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  • Marko Macek

    Marko Macek - 2004-07-22
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  • Marko Macek

    Marko Macek - 2004-07-26
    • priority: 7 --> 1
  • Marko Macek

    Marko Macek - 2004-07-26

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    It doesn't work for me under metacity either.

    The code in xmms looks broken because it doesn't do for _NET
    hints like it does for _WIN hints (send client message if
    mapped, set _STATE property if not mapped yet/on startup).

    This needs to be fixed in xmms.

  • Marko Macek

    Marko Macek - 2004-08-01
    • labels: 319566 --> 419779
  • Marko Macek

    Marko Macek - 2005-06-28
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    • assigned_to: captnmark --> nobody
    • milestone: 227668 -->

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