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Version 0.21

Just a bug fix for the search-filtering

Posted by rjstreet 2004-07-28

Version 0.2 is available - with Vs. support!

Note - we've got support for the UDE VS. system in this release along with the entire cardset to date. Here's the bad news - I only put it in for kicks. It'll be supported in the next release, but not before.

If you want to use iCards for Vs., edit the cardSets.properties file (Show Contents on iCards.app to show the file) and comment in the first set of data (using a ;) and uncomment the second set of data (getting rid of the ;).... read more

Posted by rjstreet 2004-07-19

Release 0.11 is available

Mostly bug fixes, but this is the last 0.1 version before 0.2 (as the performance enhancements in 0.2 seem fairly important.

Notable changes include the addition of land as a card type and the search is now case insensitive.

Posted by rjstreet 2004-07-05

First Release!

Release 0.1 is out and available for download. The release seems fairly stable and provides the basic functionality outlined for version 0.1 - enjoy!

Please use the bugtracking for any issues and the forums for feature requests - thanks!

Posted by rjstreet 2004-06-28